School of Business at Bengaluru Campus

Ms. Nikita Hari Placed in Deutsche Bank

The stint at University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (SUNY) has been the most enriching of all. We discovered a new path to tread on. We were exposed to a completely new style of pedagogy. The course that we had been to UB for, was heavily packed and demanded about 8 hours of work every day to be able to actively participate in the discussion on the following day.

Albeit the workload, we learnt the subtleties when working as a team. Our group discussions would run late into the night till about 3AM, the benefits of which were reaped towards the end of the course. Another important learning was to make quick and logical presentations to topics that were given extempore. The stage was set for competition within the teams and every team put out their best views and decisions, given the shortest time to think.

Ms. Vidyalakshmi Nair Placed in Beroe

The uniqueness of the MBA-MS dual degree program is many fold apart from the few obvious ones. The MS courses mainly deal with strategy, development and analytics which is a must-have for any manager in today’s competitive world. Thus the MBA and the MS program go hand in hand.

The Bengaluru campus houses a cozy atmosphere and students become one closely-knit family – encouraging healthy competition, learning to work in multi-faceted teams and leading initiatives. One of the most enlightening highlights of the program is the “unlearning and learning” period at University of Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (SUNY). Not only were the students exposed to an entirely different pedagogy but the stint at UB also taught us the importance of working in diverse conditions and groups, working with deadlines and exams that give us every kind of advantage whilst being the most challenging.

This educational modality helped us to think better and faster even in our MBA courses, making our presentations and answers smarter and more strategic.

Mr. Gautham Gopakumar Placed in Barakat, UAE

The two years of learning experience in ASB, Bangalore has been the most wonderful period to cherish in my life. With faculties from ASB, Bangalore and the University of Buffalo being the key motivators for the success of the students are the core strength of the MBA-MS program.

Apart from academics, the college helps in building a culture in oneself which is rich in tradition and gives an opportunity for effective participation in various activities that benefits the society.

Indeed ASB, Bangalore is the best place to study and excel.

Mr. Gautham Gopakumar

Ms. K. Rajalakshmi MBA Program, 2009-2011 Batch Placed at Future Group

"Amritians are excellent team players. I have spent nearly two years at ASB now and it has been an enriching experience which taught me the way of life. Today I value and respect ASB for not only providing quality management education but also the thought of ethics which is highly valued and respected in the Corporate World. I am really happy that I belong to this B-School fraternity that emphasize on ethics and values. The one and a half year in Amrita has surely given me the much required balance that is a must in today's corporate world. It is a life changing experience for me.

Amrita School of Business for me is like my second home. My life at Amrita School of Business was a turning point in my career. Amrita gave me the confidence to face the challenges. "The clean campus, the serene atmosphere and the environment friendly outlook coupled with an excellent infrastructure makes it an ideal platform for acquiring knowledge".

Life was never easy at Amrita School; solving complex case studies, giving innumerable presentations, attending classes late in the night, none of them were easy. But it taught us to think and take challenges, developing leadership qualities, communication skills, improving self confidence, effective handling of stressful environment.

I am proud to say that I am successfully placed in "Pantaloon India Ltd", a Unit of Future Group. I thank my Faculty and the entire Amrita community for making my dream a reality."

Mr. Satyanarayan Jambunathan

Mr. Satyanarayan Jambunathan MBA Program, 2009-2011 Batch Placed in Thomas Cook Ltd.

"The first thing that attracted me to the ASB, Bengaluru was its rich learning environment through faculty of national and international repute having a vast experience in the education and corporate sectors. Professional experience brought to the classroom by ASB faculty certainly adds value and creates for a very dynamic learning environment. Also, the multicultural atmosphere and the practical approach to education at Amrita School of Business, Bangalore accommodates a wide range of students' learning styles. Overall, the ASB Bangalore staff, lecturers and students made my Master's studies a challenging and a very rewarding experience."

Mr. Siddharth Menon

Mr. Siddharth Menon MBA Program, 2009-2011 BatchPlaced in Khimji Group

"Tasked with delivering the best education possible, ASB is an ideal destination for any aspiring management student. Erudite faculty, approachable management, innovative teaching pedagogy, international study experience and sincere efforts to impart skills for the life in the students are its inimitable distinguishing features. In my twenty years of study period, this is the only place where I have actually learned."

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