Amrita personifies serenity, tranquillity, vibrance and ravishing charm in the lap of Mother Nature. Every student at Amrita is bestowed with an environment to equip the body, mind and soul with enough nourishment to transform oneself to face the challenges of life and career successfully. Every student at Amrita is uniquely blessed to start their professional lives in a soulful environment which they would cherish all their lives. Every day at Amrita starts with a morning prayer,which purifies the mind and the soul preparing for a hectic day ahead. The prayer focuseson the well-being of the world and humanity in general which is certainly a great way to commence the day. Sure, this enhances the positivity and spiritual development of the individual multi-fold. Classes at Amrita commence after the prayer session, facilitated by dedicated faculty who are interested in building the intellectual and emotional quotient of the students.


Every session presents a good platform to build students’ strategic thinking, analytical reasoning, decision making and people management skills, in addition to equipping them with strong conceptual grounding. Faculty at ASB also play various roles of a friend, philosopher, guide and foster parent for two years and beyond. “Education for Living and Education for Life” are the lofty principles of our beloved Chancellor Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amma, based on which this great institution is built. Focusing on holistic development of every individual, Amrita offers extensive industrial orientation in the form of colloquia, workshops, industrial visits, guest lectures, alumni interactions and summer internships. Today, industry looks for professionals with a serious bent of mind to appreciate issues with a scientific and systematic outlook. Students at Amrita School of Business (ASB) transform into well-groomed and industry-ready individuals,having a right exposure to industry oriented curriculum and unique co-curricular activities.

They get an opportunity to work on a Business Research Project, spanning for over a year’s time. This opens up avenues to quest for deeper insights about various business and social issues of importance. They present their research work in refereed conferences and journals which sets a good platform to enrich their academic knowledge and industry orientation. ASBians also have the excellent opportunity to hone their physical and spiritual well-being through yoga, meditation, indoor and outdoor sports and nature treks. The picturesque and breath-taking beauty of the Western Ghats presents a perfect setting for all these academic and spiritual pursuits. Campus life at ASB is at its best, filled with vibrant and fulfilling moments, that brightens the smiles and lightens the hearts of ASBians. Events at ASB showcase creativity of the team, celebrating individual and cultural differences. From Onam to Yugadhi, from Ganesh Chaturthi to Krishna Jayanthi; Holi and many more, the campus lights-up with cheer and enthusiasm among students.

These celebrations make them feel at home and at the same time inculcate team working and appreciation for Indian ethos and culture. “Utsav” and “Pragati” are flagship events at ASB, unleashing their creative potential and enhancing the business management skills of ASBians. They also work in domain specific clubs in HR, Marketing, Finance and Operations, that provide them with an opportunity to explore more into the domains. Not limited to these events;students are also a part of forums like “Kalakriti” and“Festcom” that encourage them to actively integrate themselves in cultural and extra-curricular activities. These serve as a brilliant platform to condition oneto work in multi-cultural global organizations, comprising of people from highly diverse backgrounds. Students at ASB get to be a part of the Village Outreach program, where they visit Ettimadai village and participate in the well-being of the community, helping to equip the children of the village get the right focus in education and environmental awareness.

A unique opportunity is bestowed on the students of ASB, to be a part of Live-in-Labs®: a distinct community-building initiative, overlooked by our beloved Chancellor.

Here the students get a life-time experience to immerse themselves in various societal and economic issues of rural India.

“Gokulashtami” is dear to everyone at Amrita. The entire campus reverberates with joy and enthusiasm and makes it truly an Amrita family event. Stories about “Lord Krishna” and His life and messages are portrayed in songs, skits, dance performances and in processions. Preparations to celebrate Gokulashtami commence a week earlierand the campus gears up for the beautiful occasion. Students team up to make the best float of “Lord Krishna” and work on a suitable theme for the occasion. Teamwork and creativity is at the best displayed here. It is fascinating to see idols of Lord Krishna at every junction and it is a truly a loving experience to watch children dressed up in various avatars of Lord Krishna. From the entrance to the hostels, the entire campus wears a festive look, adored by colour, glitters of smiles and celebration.

The event showcases the cultural heritage of India and is fondly cherished by every Amritian. Fragrance of flowers fills the air with pounding music and bhajans .As the procession unfolds, the enthusiasm and cheer grows multi-fold and one can witness great fanfare with loud chants in praise of Lord Krishna. The day-long event is an enthralling one, showcasing the team spirit of every department, who with their members take part in the procession cheered by the vibrant audience. ASB is always at its best with full vigor and passion and creates a memorable experience to carry home. From “Kurukshetra” to “HrinayaVadam”, Team ASB has presented itself at its best The day’s fanfare culminates with bhajans, distribution of sweets and declaration of winners in various events. To summarize, the whole event is a visual treat and an experience every ASB Alumnus would fondly treasure all their lives.

A much awaited occasion every year at ASB is “Onam”. The campus symbolically presents the coming of “Onam” with more beautiful weather, smiles of blooming flowers and rich green surrounding. The entire campus presents a scenetic beauty of “Golden Autumn” presenting a perfect setting for celebration and “Onam” is the highlight here. Sure, a perfect setting and a more than perfect occasion to celeberate. As is known, “Onam” signifies the visit of Mahabali to Earth. Amrita is all set to welcome the blessed moment with beautiful arrangement of flowers “Pookolam” and the traditional food extravaganza “OnamSadhya” offered on banana leaves.

ASB heartily participates in the offering with much love and zeal. Adorned in traditional Kerala attire, ASB transforms into festivity and joy. “Joy of giving” and “Joy of Sharing” symbolizes the occasion and lights up the hearts of every ASBian, when they serve food to all members of Amrita family. It is a blissful experience for every ASBian to experience and share love and giving, portraying the true spirit of Onam. The essence of Onam “mavelinadu…..amodhathodevasikkumkalam” echoes in every heart. What a moment to be a part of and cherish all life time!!!

Two days that an ASBian can never forget during his 2 years of MBA program are the days of Pragati. Pragati is an Annual B-School Festival in the School of Business at Amrita University. Pragati has evolved as the most challenging B-fest in South India. Students at ASB work hard with faculty membersand alumni to innovate and present the best theme of topical importance every year. They present this B-Fest a fun filled learning experience for the participating colleges. The 20th edition of Pragati happened on 3rd and 4th of December 2016. The theme for the 20th edition of Pragati was “Digital India” with a slogan “business in bytes”. The two day event demands an enormous amount of team effort from all fellow students in ASB.

The event starts with selection of core team and the forums. While the Core team took care of the overall coordination and planning for the event, the forum gears up with exciting business games to add value to the students participating in Pragati. Fund raising was through corporate sponsors in and around Coimbatore. Students go around after class hours to look for sponsors who are interested and more suitable for the theme that they choose. The idea is to bring in the best suitable sponsor who could be benefited and also participating in pride to Pragati. Every year this starts with designing the sponsor card and other event collaterals which are completely designed by the students. Parallel to the fund raising the forum teams would be designing their domain related business games along with the guidance of faculty and alumni.

Strong alumni and student interactions has been the strength of Pragati all along. A sound alumni network spanning across continents help and guide to make Pragati a great success story. Apart from the games and coordination for Pragati, the students and administrative staff toil hard to decorate the entire ASB premises to look more suitable for the theme. The decorations go over night and it creates a beautiful face-lift to the campus of ASB. Every year theme related decorations leave a lasting memory for the students, staff and alumni. The 3rd of December, day 1 of Pragati saw ASBians dressed up informals and bringing in the elegance of professionalism among the participants. Around 120 students across India registered for the event. The ASB building was overflowing with eager participants running through the scheduled events and games.

It was indeed a busy yet memorable day for all ASBian’s coordinating and supporting the event. The food and non- food stalls were coordinated and run by fellow ASBian’s, says ArjunAnantaNarayanan, Vice President- Corporate Relations of Pragati 2016. Pragati is not just a business event but also lots of fun. It is filled with colours of joy. To make this true,the evening cultural festival in SKH (Shri Krishna Hall) followed by the DJ night brought in the energy and joy among the students and coordinators, says Arjun. The 4th of December, day 2 of Pragati was the final round of all the flagship events . Flagship events included the Best Manager and B-Plan. These have been conducted for the past 19 years in Pragati and the ASBian’s have never failed to disappoint the participants in making it more interesting and challenging to win.

The eve of day 2 saw a warm closure to the 3 months of hardship that the ASBians put together to make Pragati a grand success. The closing ceremony was presided by Col. Korak Mathew and Anupam Raghuvanshi who gave away the accolades for the winners. It was indeed a tough day as the 20th edition of Pragati was coming to an end. But it is a culmination of a wonderful team effort and it gave every ASBian the unique opportunity to explore their strengths and break open our shells. Arjun also added that it can be assured that this was the best experience to carry from ASB and would last in all ASBians’hearts.

Bringing out the passion in you....
The intra-ASB counterpart to Pragati is Utsav,a sports and cultural extravaganza. Fiercely competed for and passionately participated in, Utsav is a living exhibition of determination and the winning instinct without deferring from the path of healthy sportsmanship. Soon after the mid-trimester exams of the first year, to shake you up from the slumber that you may have fallen into, ASB presents this two week fiesta. This is when the fences that set apart the seniors and juniors fall. Students are split into four groups which compete against one another in arts, sports and literature. The best part of Utsav is that everyone gets a chance to explore their hidden talents. A few of the students go on stage for the first time in their lives and have never felt better. The best lesson learnt is that “There is Nothing You Cannot Do!!!’.

There is dancing, singing, painting, story writing, indoor and outdoor sports and many more activities to bring out their passion. Utsav is not about talent alone but also courage. The best part which leaves behind the sweetest memories is the backstage ‘hungama’ during UTSAV. The droopy eyed late night dance practices, the group music trials that never strike the right note, the tableau practices where it becomes too difficult to stand still, the mid-night flood-lighted football warm-ups, the face painting trials, the chaos and confusion when your team is not ready and the last minute preparations for the quiz. All said and done, it is the team spirit and the confidence, that Utsav leaves behind, matters. When the curtains are drawn down, it is a sense of achievement and joyful memories, which lasts for a lifetime through these chaos, confusion, fun, and practices amidst our regular classes.

ASB always preserves the emotions of Indian culture and heritage. Ganesh Chaturthi is one among them and it is a beautiful event which brings everyone together to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. ASBians look forward to this auspicious day to celebrate togetherness and offer prayers to Lord Ganesha, the symbol of benevolence and courage. The colourful and majestic idol of Lord Ganesha is decorated with flowers and presented with sweets and other offerings with lots of love and devotion. The campus of ASB portrays a mood of happiness and celebration and it is important to note that this is not only an occasion of devotion to God, but it is an event of togetherness and bonding at ASB family. Our prayers to Lord Ganesha to bless ASB family with much cheer and prosperity!!

Holi is an important festival, much looked forward by all ASBians. Holi,is an important occasion for people to enhance the friendship with others. On the day of the Holi, ASB fills with joy where they can forget all their bitterness and throw ‘abira’ and colored water on each other. They prepare a variety of colors and use them only to disfigure the faces of others. They take pleasure in disfiguring each other’s faces irrespective of age or status. This is a wonderful occasion where even faculty and staff are dragged in with to celebrate with students..It is truly a beautiful occasion to rejoice and cherish!!

Yi or Young Indians is such a forum, such a global movement of vibrant Young Indians that seeks to integrate the "Voice of Young Indians" in modern society. Yi is a part of CII and comprises a group of young Indian achievers, professionals and potential leaders under the age of 40 from various walks of life. It was founded in December 2002 with 18 chapters across India. As a grass-roots organization, Yi focuses on issues of national importance in the economic and social agenda of India. Yi aims at creating a movement encompassing the diverse sections of young society, reaching out to all stakeholders, creating tomorrow's leaders and playing a critical role in building a developed India.

Yi Net of ASB came into being on December 2008. Since then it has been a great platform for MBA students to hone their abilities and skills in organising and managing several activities like Business conferences, Skill development initiatives, and Social events. Yi is motivating students to come up with innovative ideas and solutions in the broader interest of Nation building with its inspirational motto of “We Can, We Will”. With the support of the Yi Coimbatore chapter, Yi net ASB is hoping to make greater strides in the future. Awaaz - the Clarion Call for Change is an annual event which is a national level symposium organized by Yi Net at ASB.


ASB is home to a plethora of clubs and committies. While some of these clubs are focused on specific functional streams, others organize special events like screening documentaries and movies. In addition to these clubs, we have a Students' Life Committee, a B-Fest Committee, a Colloquium committee, a Web Committee and a Placement Committee to manage a surfeit of activities at ASB. These clubs and committies act as a principal edge between the outside world and "Planet Ettimadai".



All ASB Campuses have Placement Committies - which take care of students’ summer and final placements and Alumni Committies which interact with alumni of ASB and keep them informed about the latest developments in the ASB fraternity. The alumni act as ‘mentors’ for the current batch of students and guide them through their career formation process. ASB Placecom takes active role in identifying summer internships through Alumni support and also conducts boot campus and Alumni interactions to make current students face the industry requirements more confidently.



Republic Day, Independence Day and other festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Dussera, Onam and Gokulashtami- every festival is celebrated on campus in style.

Students and faculty share lighter moments and work together in creating a truly festive atmosphere on these occasions.

The festival committee makes these wonderful celebrations possible.



Team Colloquia

Working tirelessly throughout the year, this is the student led team that is the “window to the external world” for ASB students. Its principal activity is to bring eminent personalities from business, civil society, and the academia to the ASB campuses.

It is an immense learning experience in planning, business communication, logistics and service management, and building enduring relationships.



Admission / Web

At ASB all the activities are driven by the students, ably guided by the faculty. Students are involved in the admissions process right from the creation of admission brochure till the candidates being admitted to ASB.

It is a practical hands-on approach to counsel / guide aspiring candidates on the efforts required to be part of the B-school.

They also interact on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for the same.




HR forum that aims to help students by giving them the edge, helping them know themselves and their competencies better through thought-provoking and fun-filled games that evoke curiosity, stimulate the mind and kindle their passion to achieve their goals.


An association for self awareness and personal growth which conducts spiritual discourses, lectures and workshops presented by eminent persons and also trips to places of cultural and historical importance.


A marketing club that organizes role-playing exercises, quizzes, poster competitions, advertising simulations that supplement real-life marketing experiences.



Finance Forum of ASB providing opportunities to obtain insights into the latest developments in the areas of finance and banking.


A systems forum which enables students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in information technology.


Operations and Relations Club of ASB which organizes field trips, colloquia, quizzes, and games.