Students life at ASB

Every morning breeze at Amrita brings a new message and reminds us of flora and fauna that Mother Nature has showered on humanity. The silent and unruffled beauty of nature reminds us of the nourishment of the body; a healthy and hygienic diet remains in the memory of each and every Amritian, even after years. The Morning Prayer at Amrita purifies the mind and strengthens the body to go through yet another hectic day of a rigorous MBA program. Welcome to the world of an Amrita student.

Science claims that the human brain is at its highest level of activity at the beginning of the day. This is the ideal time to go on a voyage for knowledge. Interactive classrooms sessions, presentations, group discussions, role plays and case analyses coupled with innovative ways of learning adopted by Amrita faculty moulds us not only into managers of tomorrow, but also into enriched human beings. Student’s seek their wisdom beyond the classroom walls, where they take on the roles of friend, philosopher, guide and foster parent for two years and beyond. Our faculty grooms us in all aspects of life.

A holistic personality development strategy is adopted by Amrita. Theoretical knowledge does not address implementation. To make students aware of the practical application, a number of industrial exposure windows are opened in the form of colloquia, workshops, industrial visits, guest lectures and summer internship projects. The stress is as much on non-academics as academics. Students integrate into their personalities qualities like leadership, team building and cooperation through various co-curricular activities conducted on a regular basis in the campus. Adventure beckons us on a trekking expedition by the faculty. On one hand, indoor and outdoor sports facilities help with physical fitness; on the other hand, yoga, meditation and open discussion sessions help with self awareness and personal growth. 

Campus life is at its best during festival celebrations. The energy vibrating in the air at such times is incomparable. The two most cherished festivals by the student community are Utsav and Pragati. Utsav is a gateway for student creativity via sports and cultural extravaganza. Pragati is a time when each Amritian personifies the ancient Indian saying, "Athithi Devo Bhava". This B-Fest hosted by Amrita School of Business year after year has been a benchmark in hospitality for student guests from other B-Schools.

At Amrita, we stand for "Unity in Diversity". Every batch comprises of students from all over India. Our diverse backgrounds, languages, regions and religions promote the development of positive interpersonal relationships. The institute gives opportunity to students to go abroad and experience various cultures in the world. To reciprocate this interaction, a few students from other countries can be spotted in Amrita classrooms as a part of student exchange programs. At Amrita, every student is truly empowered by global knowledge and enriched by Indian values.

Life at Amrita is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


“PRAGATI”. Means Growth? Development? Is that it? Ask an ASBian and you will get much more.

"Pragati means Pride. Pragati means honour".
"Pragati means Life. Pragati gives you sleepless nights and it even makes me rhyme. Pragati is about intellectual fights."
"Pragati is about you and me. Pragati defines your dignity."

Pragati is the Annual Business fest of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

The morning of February 3rd, 2012 was lucky to see ASBians gear up for the most important action of their two year curriculum. The enthusiasm was palpable and the whole campus was brimming with vibrancy. It was our responsibility to keep the reputation of Pragati high; of not letting our guest’s expectation down and crafting a funfilled and yet learning experience for both the organizers and the participants. The grand success of the event was the cue that we were able to match up to everyone’s expectations.

The theme for the 14th year of the event was ‘Black Swan’ – Unseen Opportunities in Uncertainties. Abiding by the theme, the forums designed their games. It took countless brainstorming sessions on part of the forum members to put the elements on track for the right blend of jaw-dropping games. Altogether, there were six forums, handling six different fields of management: Relations for HR, Ozone for Operations, GenM for Marketing, Biz-It for Systems, Jagriti for fun and Fortune for Finance. The fest was a two day affair, but the premise and foundation work for the same took around three months of tireless preparations on part of each and every ASBian. We still remember the sleepless nights and round-trips that we made across the campus to put up the promotions.

We vividly remember how pumped up we all were when we ushered in our first participant. The next few hours saw the whole campus being filled with more than 350 excited participants from more than 27 colleges across the country. We had our attacks ready, not literally though, but through our exciting games. Be it Operations games that tested the optimizing abilities; the HR games that analyzed the thought process; the Finance games that tested the monetary acumen; Marketing games that evaluated adaptability; or the Systems games that checked IT skills. As the games heated up, Jagriti added much the needed zest to the fest. Towards the evening, one of the participating teams told us “We are planning to conduct a B-fest next month in our college and Pragati will be our benchmark”. It was this moment that made all the hours of work that we had put in worthwhile.

As we bid goodbye, we knew we had made some friends for life. A team from SDMIMD, the overall champion of the event, left us with this remark, “What an awesome team of people we met at ASB!. You guys were absolutely superb in the way you did things and the way you made us participants feel. There were moments of fun, frolic, fear and sheer joy! Met a set of beautiful and loving people. Will always cherish the memories! Hope our paths cross soon”.

Later, all of us went down on the dance floor as the seniors hosted a DJ party that night. All the faculties, staffs and even our Dean joined us in the celebrations.

As the event came to a close, the one word that defined what we all felt was contentment. The work we put in was tremendous and the learning we had was immense. After a few years down the line, we all are pretty sure to have that awesome smile on our face whenever we think of this fantabulous and life-changing experience called ‘Pragati’.

Bringing out the passion in you....

The intra-ASB counterpart to Pragati is Utsav,a sports and cultural extravaganza. Fiercely competed for and passionately participated in, Utsav is a living exhibition of determination and the winning instinct without deferring from the path of healthy sportsmanship.

Soon after the mid-trimester exams of the first year, to shake you up from the slumber that you may have fallen into, ASB presents this two week fiesta. This is when the fences that set apart the seniors and juniors fall. Students are split into four groups which compete against one another in arts, sports and literature. The best part of Utsav is that everyone gets a chance to explore their hidden talents. A few of the students go on stage for the first time in their lives and have never felt better. The best lesson learnt is that “There is Nothing You Cannot Do!!!’. There was dancing, singing, painting, story writing, indoor and outdoor sports and many more activities to bring out their passion. Utsav is not about talent alone but also courage.

The best part which leaves behind the sweetest memories is the backstage ‘hungama’ during UTSAV. The droopy eyed late night dance practices, the group music trials that never strike the right note, the tableau practices where it becomes too difficult to stand still, the mid-night flood-lighted football warm-ups, the face painting trials, the chaos and confusion when your team is not ready and the last minute preparations for the quiz. All said and done, it is the team spirit and the confidence, that Utsav leaves behind, matters.

When the curtains are drawn down, it is sense of achievement and joyful memories, which lasts for a lifetime through these chaos, confusion, fun, and practices amidst our regular classes.


ASB has its own way of celebrating every occasion. Whether its Gokulashtami or Holi or Friendship day. For ASBians every occasion is a riot of fun, a celebration of talent, of teamwork and creativity...

1. Gokulashtami Celebrations

Gokulashtami at Amrita is special. Each year, we've been celebrating with more and more vigor and this year was also an enthralling display of talent and devotion at our university. Preparations began as early as a week before, as departments geared up with their plans for decoration and preparation for the events. As always, the highlight was the competition for the best "Lord Krishna" float. Students of each department worked day and night on the design and implementation of their floats. The workshop was a hub of constant activity as sounds of welding, hammering and soldering filled the air. The main block was adorned with lights and the fountain was lit up. Rabbits, swans and ducks were imported for the occasion, placed in and around the pond. Small idols of Lord Krishna stood in little huts all over the campus. This was on the eve of Gokulashtami.

The day started with the finishing touches to each department's float and the make up for the Krishnas and Radhas given their final makeovers. All department student groups gathered with their floats and at last, the procession started with loud cheers and overwhelming enthusiasm. ASB's float, designed and beautified in about three days, depicted Lord Krishna, Arjuna and Bheeshma on the war field of Kurukshethra. The procession started along the route with great fanfare and with loud chants praising the Lord. It was an event which cannot be expressed in words. It was an experience very close to our hearts, as we celebrated, hand in hand, together, the victory of good. The procession reached the grounds and we settled in for a great treat of dance, music and performances from our university's best. The day's fanfare culminated with the bhajan competition, promptly won by ASB and the fireworks display at midnight rounded off a day we will remember for the rest of our lives.

2. Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations

ASB started the tradition of celebration last year with Ganapati Utsav and the trend was continued this year.

The season of festivity started with the Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration where we worship Lord Ganapati for his blessings, as Ganapati is the benevolent god who showers love and kindness on us. To show our gratitude and devotion we had a grand celebration.

The celebration was handled by the newly formed festival committee of ASB. The whole building was abuzz for three days with activities, and productions which at times were the result of serendipity. The divine looking idol of Ganapati, set up for three days near the entrance of ASB, surrounded by students and faculty alike, was a scene of a relationship between us and God, a relationship of unconditional love.

Ganapati or the Vigna Vinashak was seen off with pomp on the fourth day in a water body nearby the campus. His Visarjana was a symbol to bring him back next year with similar, if not more spirit.

This festival not only was to show our devotion to him, but also was a thread to bind us together, to give us mental strength and to integrate us. This festival was a celebration of our being. This festival was a way of learning to handle responsibility. The festival was a way to learn how to work as a team and on a team. We hope to continue the tradition we have started...

Ganapati Bappa Maurya!

3. Onam Celebration

Students wholeheartedly welcomed the Onam celebrations with a sigh of relief after our midterm. On the day of Onam celebrations, even the "lazy bones" woke up at dawn to prepare the floral carpet. For once, people turned off their alarms without pressing the snooze mode. The MBA wings in Gargi Bhavanam and Gauthama Bhavanam were bustling with people rushing off to college with loads of flowers in their hands. This was the first time that many of us saw ASB at dawn, with clouds still hovering around, serenity in the air; it was a wonderful sight. Adorned in traditional Kerala attire, we all sat together and started preparing flowers for the floral carpet, the Pookalam. The yellow and orange marigold on the floral carpet resembled the scattered colors of the late dawn. These colors energized all of us and instilled the feeling of Onam. Yes, at last, Onam had arrived! For many of us, it was a walk down memory lane, with memories of school and college flooding our thoughts. Merry chitchat filled the air and we all relaxed after a long time.

What greeted our beloved teachers was a lovely Pookalam wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Onam. Classes resumed as usual but there was a mood of festivity in the air and everyone was too excited to focus on class. On this day, we experienced the spirit of harmony and brotherhood. We carried on the tradition set by our seniors to come out of the business lives and make it more meaningful by serving those who have made our lives easier. Over the years, this event has evolved into a university event. We served over a 1000 workers and all students, faculty members and staff from various departments in Amrita.

It was a blissful experience to serve them and we really experienced the true spirit of Onam. The words - "Maveli nadu vanidum kalam.. manusharellam onnu pole" . 'When King Mahabali ruled there was equality among all' reverberated through our minds. This Onam was a small and simple one, but it was an Onam which truly touched our hearts.

4. Friendship Day Celebrations

Friendship Day is celebrated every year world-wide on the first Sunday of August. On August 3, the Festival Committee at ASB organized Friendship Day celebrations on campus -- The Vishwamithra Day symbolizing camaraderie among friends and towards nature.

The festival committee members got down to the work of planning and organizing the day's festivities. Colorful posters were created with friendship quotes and displayed in the campus. A beautiful banner beckoning students was hung at the entrance. A scribbling board was arranged on which anyone could jot down thoughts and convey greetings to their friends. A photo corner was prepared, where one could capture forever, the most joyous moments with one's friends. 

More than a celebration, Friendship Day became a union of friends and synonymous with happiness. It was a day to rejoice in the warmth of love that everyone had to offer to each other.


CII Yi net

An initiative of CII, Yi attempts to influence, inspire and connect the youth in a movement to build Brand India- by means of conducting socially productive projects. Yi Net of ASB Coimbatore came into being in December 2008.

Since its inception, it has been a great platform for MBA students to hone their abilities and skills in organizing and managing several activities like business conferences, skill development initiatives and social events. Awaaz - the Clarion Call for Change is an annual event which is a national level symposium organized by Yi Net at ASB.

Student Committies

ASB is home to a plethora of clubs and committies. While some of these clubs are focused on specific functional streams, others organize special events like screening documentaries and movies. In addition to these clubs, we have a Students' Life Committee, a B-Fest Committee, a Colloquium committee, a Web Committee and a Placement Committee to manage a surfeit of activities at ASB. These clubs and committies act as a principal edge between the outside world and "Planet Ettimadai".

Placecom: All ASB Campuses have Placement Committies - which take care of students’ summer and final placements and Alumni Committies which interact with alumni of ASB and keep them informed about the latest developments in the ASB fraternity. The alumni act as ‘mentors’ for the current batch of students and guide them through their career formation process.

Festcom: Republic Day, Independence Day and other festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Dussera, Onam and Gokulashtami- every festival is celebrated on campus in style. Students and faculty share lighter moments and work together in creating a truly festive atmosphere on these occasions. The festival committee makes these wonderful celebrations possible.

Team Colloquia: Working tirelessly throughout the year, this is the student led team that is the “window to the external world” for ASB students. Its principal activity is to bring eminent personalities from business, civil society, and the academia to the ASB campuses. It is an immense learning experience in planning, business communication, logistics and service management, and building enduring relationships.

Admission Committee/ Web Committee: At ASB all the activities are driven by the students, ably guided by the faculty. Students are involved in the admissions process right from the creation of admission brochure till the candidates being admitted to ASB. It is a practical hands-on approach to counsel / guide aspiring candidates on the efforts required to be part of the B-school. They also interact on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for the same.

Student Forums

Technocrats - A systems forum which enables students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in information technology.

Gen-M - A marketing club that organizes role-playing exercises, quizzes, poster competitions, advertising simulations that supplement real-life marketing experiences.

Fortune - Finance Forum of ASB providing opportunities to obtain insights into the latest developments in the areas of finance and banking.

O-Zone - Operations and Relations Club of ASB which organizes field trips, colloquia, quizzes, and games.

Jagriti - An association for self awareness and personal growth which conducts spiritual discourses, lectures and workshops presented by eminent persons and also trips to places of cultural and historical importance.

Relations - HR forum that aims to help students by giving them the edge, helping them know themselves and their competencies better through thought-provoking and fun-filled games that evoke curiosity, stimulate the mind and kindle their passion to achieve their goals.

Saturday Nite Fever is a weekly program conducted by students that encompasses activities such as quizzes, group discussions, mock interviews, and aptitude tests to develop soft skills.

Student Body

To play a catalytic role in encouraging students help build Brand Amrita.


  1. To help create an ambience where the best of management education happens
  2. To facilitate interaction of students with industry stalwarts
  3. To develop and organize innovative management games
  4. To work for student placements in top industry sectors

ASB Student Body was conceived to enable students help with creating a competitive and amiable atmosphere on campus. The office-bearers of this council, the President and five Vice Presidents are elected by students through secret ballot. Any student with CGPA greater than 6.0 can contest the elections.

The President is the over-all coordinator of the council. VP-Placement works with the Placements Office for job and summer placement activities. VP-External Affairs helps coordinate with ASB faculty in charge of Colloquia, Web Communications and Alumni. VPs-Students Affairs are responsible for coordination of various cultural and recreational activities conducted in ASB. VP-B Fest manages the selection and participation of students in various Business School Festivals.

A Student Body Council term is from January to December.

Student Clubs

Nature Club

Amrita has always had campuses which are closest to nature. A lot is done to conserve Mother Nature like rain water harvesting, EM based effluent/food waste treatment, drip-irrigation and afforestation programs. ASB Coimbatore’s Nature Club adds fuel to this endeavour and organizes trekking and tree planting events to get closer to Mother Nature.

Ettimadai campus is wholly self-sufficient in being eco-friendly and entirely recyclable - It's a tribute to Nature itself. Love and care towards nature is the tradition here at Amrita. This is part of our culture and is part of who we are. We deem it is our duty to give back to Nature what we have been taking from it. And the Nature club is a small part of our efforts to do that.


The true potential of any MBA is highlighted only in the “do as you learn” approach. This sums up the whole idea behind MARKETREX, the marketing club at ASB (Coimbatore). It is a congregation of creative minds that blend energy, passion and enthusiasm in the pursuit of marketing and related areas. For MARKETREX members, Marketing is a religion whose mantra is to bring the current student community, the faculty, alumni and other colleges marketing minds to a common platform to interact and to share.

Student Outreach

At Amrita, we share our Chancellor Amma's vision and drive to serve the needy. In the outreach program, we, the students, lend our helping hand to the people of the village of Ettimadai. The village dwellers are our neighbors and we believe that it is our duty to help them.

Outreach includes a lot of initiatives, but primarily we focus on an educational program wherein we teach the young kids in the village. We, their older brothers and sisters, try our best to ignite the fire of learning in the young minds of the village.

Most children in the village are economically backward and need all the support they can get. Every week we sit with them and teach them different subjects. The students learn team games and other activities such as painting and drawing.

For us, outreach is a most fulfilling program. It provides us the satisfaction of doing something positive with our time and at the same time, watching young minds blossom under our care. It is a feeling that cannot be explained in words, only experienced.

We realize that this small effort of ours may not be enough to single-handedly change the lives of these children. But we believe that the kids are like lamps that need to be lit. The spirit to rise above the surroundings may become their oil. We only try to light the lamp. May the resultant flame burn brighter and light up the lives of all.

Village Outreach

Faculty and students of ASB lent their helping hand to the people of the village of Ettimadai through a village outreach program. Ettimadai being their neighbouring village, the school consider the upliftment of the villagers as its responsibility. This program includes a lot of initiatives, but primarily they focus on an educational program wherein they teach the young kids in the village. Through this program, they are trying their best to ignite the fire of learning in the young minds of the village.

Tsunami relief work in Nagapattinam by Mata Amritanandamayi Math

A team of ASB students, faculty and staff provided a wide array of voluntary services (construction of shelters, food/clothes distribution) at the tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. A faculty team of ASB was temporarily stationed at Nagapattinam along with the COO of the Amrita University and ashram supporting staff to provide long term rehabilitation and counselling for the disaster affected. A group of ASB students and faculty were involved in voluntary construction work for Amrita Kuteeram's free housing project at Coimbatore.

Dr. P. Balasubramanian was instrumental in creating and coordinating an educational program for 1000 school children in the villages of Akkrapettai, Sampanthanpettai and Pudupettai, from January 2006 - March 2007. As part of the program teachers employed from local area and educated boys and girls were motivated to teach small children in the villages. Students in 10th standard and above were motivated to study and were trained to teach small children. Faculty was arranged to coach 10th and 12th standard students.

Dr. E. Meera coordinated distribution of relief material and food to those affected. Mr. T. Senthil Kumar of ASB office lived with the affected villagers for about nine months and took part in a variety of social activities.