• Highest CTC 12.12 lakhs
  • 117 companies
  • 31 offers
  • 36 new recruiters
  • 90 plus companies for summer internships at the highest stipend of Rs.40000/-

We welcome the corporate world to visit us, interact with our faculty who are world-class and our students who display a high level of motivation and energy, for mutual benefit.

C. Parameswaran
Director - Corporate & Industry Relations


Placements at Amrita have always been excellent. Students who are eligible and opted for placements have more than one job offer, on an average. Exercising their dream option, some of them have up to three job offers by the end of their course. A total of 261 eligible students were placed at Amrita School of Business (ASB) at salaries that have shown significant growth over the previous years. The placements have provided them high-quality, diverse and professional opportunities.


  • Consistent, 100% placements for MBA.
  • Dream option available for the placed students to go for higher packages / better job profiles.
  • Highest packages consistently in double figures in lakhs p.a. for the last several years

Placement Statistics

  • No. of Companies visited - 117
  • Average Salary - 6.53 lakhs/ p.a.
  • Maximum Salary - 12.12 lakhs/ p.a.
  • No. of offers at Coimbatore - 181

Our Recruiters


Final Placements:

Contact Person:
Dr. V. K. Susil Kumar
Head - Placements and Corporate Relations
Ph. No: +91 9943984509 / +91 9380502425
LL. No. +91(422)2685005

For Internship & Live Assignments:

Contact Person:
S. Aswanther
Asst. Manager, Internships
Contact: +91 8667828261

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Naren Mohan
Specialization: Marketing
Company: Honda Cars India Ltd., Greater Noida
Mentor: Dr. Deepak Gupta

Naren Mohan came on as an intern for Honda’s Mobile application this summer and has by far surpassed our expectations.

He has the skills of a innovative marketing person and the creative insight to lead a small team. Naren San, we would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavors and would love to have you onboard!

Aditya Ahuja
LLC & D’LITE Department (After Sales)
Honda Cars India Ltd., Greater NOIDA

Pavithra A
Specialization: Finance
Company: India Ratings & Research (A Fitch Group Company), Chennai
Mentor: Dr. Sangeetha Gunasekar

I am inclined to give a glowing recommendation for Pavithra for the work that she has done during her short internship at India Ratings & Research. She exuded confidence and willingness to apply herself. Her most important quality, reflected in her work, is her logic and her ability to grasp concepts and processes quickly.

Avinash Lodha
Associate Director, India Ratings & Research (A Fitch Group Company), Chennai

Munduri Ajendranath
Specialization: Marketing
Company: NetElixir, Hyderabad
Mentor: Prof. Shri Krishnan

We crossed the 100,000 hour mark today at NetElixir. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, our summer intern (India office), Ajendranath, created an amazing team exercise (and video recorded the entire event). There could not have been a better way for us to celebrate 100,000 hour mark and the power of smart people, than this. Thank you Ajendra!

Udayan Bose
Founder & CEO,
NetElixir, Hyderabad

Arun Preethi Pillai
Specialization: Marketing
Company: TNS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Mentor: Dr. Deepak Gupta

Ms. Arun Preethi Pillai has done a recognizable performance during her 2 months internship with TNS Qualitative. She was instrumental in bringing up good value to key internal discussions by gaining a good understanding of data and analysis.

Piyush Mungle
Senior Research Executive
TNS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore


Tata Consultancy Services popularly known as TCS, an Indian multinational ranked 10th in the Fortune India 500 list and 64th in the Forbes list of world’s innovative companies. Apart from generating 70% of dividends of Tata Sons it is also one among the Big 4 IT services brands in the world. It’s a pleasure that not one or two but 8 of our students have become a part of this prestigious organization, last year. They are holding varied positions as Management Trainees, Business Analysts and SAP consultants. Our students have been preparing for about six months in a focused manner to achieve this. The two Boot Camps that comprised of mock group discussions and mock personal interviews conducted by the alumni of our college went a long way in helping and equipping the students. They even managed to get alumni mentors, who are working in various MNC’s at great position, for themselves. With this our students were able to get an idea of what the companies expect from them. Thus they equipped themselves to fulfill these requirements and blossomed into professionals. This helped them sail smoothly through the group discussion and personal interviews.students-speak

Student Placecom Executive

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) a subsidiary of Reliance Communications Delivering on-net connections to more than 40 key business markets spanning across Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East, has a strong foothold in both established and emerging markets. Undoubtedly the future belongs to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, which means that network, would be a key for all the businesses.
GCX has the world’s largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 67,000 km with Reliance Communications’ 200,000 km of domestic fiber-optic backbone which fulfill industry demands. It’s a great opportunity for an MBA graduate with a technical background to work for GCX. Last year, GCX recruited 35 B-school graduates across the country as Junior Key Account managers where they offer hands-on training on business operations in cloud eco system.
It is a great opportunity for B-school graduates to work with global clients at an early stage of career. The summer internship of our students came handy in showcasing their capabilities and professionalismstudents-speak

Shilpa( Batch 2017) who cleared the process.

Idea is a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering 2G and 3G services and one of India's leading providers of mobile prepaid, postpaid, Wireless Internet, 3G data card services and business enterprise solutions. Idea has been a seasoned recruiter for ASB over the years and we have a strong network of Alumni in Idea working at various top level management positions. Candidates are recruited for the profile of Management Trainee. Idea stresses that field work is an integral part of the job. There can be frequent role changes since the telecom industry is a highly dynamic and evolving industry. The role is very challenging, accompanied by steady growth and hence the selection process is rigorous. The preparation starts early on with the aptitude sessions organized by Time. Boot camps are held at the college which gives students a wonderful opportunity to interact with our alumni and prepare for GD and interviews. Interactive sessions are organized by the college with the alumni to help students in getting familiar with the work culture and the key responsibilities of the role. students-speak

Vijay Unnikrishnan( Batch 2017)

Deloitte, one of the big 4 companies is a place where an MBA graduate would aspire to work.
Substantiating this is the fact that the company has been rated among the top 10 best working places for women – 2016. Deloitte, had hand picked up 4 great gems from the domain of Finance of Amrita School of Business, last year.
Our students were no less than those from any IIT or IIM from where Deloitte hires. Our students were able to crack through all the six strenuous rounds.
The selections rounds ranged from group discussions on current affairs to highly technical rounds and personal interview.
We were tested for both a strong technical background and a great level of self-confidence and business ethics.
This feat was achieved by the combined efforts of both the faculty and from us.students-speak

SajithKanvar (Batch 2017)
Student Placecom Executive

The teachers at ASB helped me a lot during the placement process. They conducted sessions on industry speciic Proiles and roles, and took care of each student understanding what he/she was looking for. This really helped many of us to achieve our dreams. We are given real case studies from Harvard Business Review, Business scenarios etc. The courses like Innovation are being taught at only a few B-Schools in India, and ASB is one of the B-School which has this course. This subject helped me to understand some of the fundamental ideas that fuel innovation and I was able to talk about it during my interview process. The Alumni network also helped a lot during the Placement season. Many of them shared their experience in the industry and also gave situations, which helped me to develop a perspective which I believe helped me land on my dream job. The Boot Camp conducted by Place-Com helped me a lot and is a great time to learning, where alumni from different industries conducted mock interviews, group discussions and suggested on what I should improve during my interview process. In short ASB is a great place to learn with great Teachers and friends as one family, a true learning experience.

Mr. Ashwin S K (MBA 2013)
Territory Sales Manager, Philips India

ASB, unlike other B-Schools gives students practical situations to apply what you have learned, through Live projects, Case Studies, Summer Internship under guidance of experienced faculties and Alumni, management fests etc. In fact, most of the events and programs are student initiatives. We get to conceptualize, operationalize and execute the management Fest itself. All these experiences and real-time learning ensured that I am ready to face the corporate world. The Alumni also extended their support by giving advices on proiles, company and giving individual mentoring. I am ever grateful to ASB, my teachers and Alumni for this.

Ms. Meera S (MBA 2013)
Management Trainee, Idea Cellular, Kerala

It was my Teachers in ASB who helped me identify my strong areas and made me realize my true potential and therefore the right job! For me the best thing about ASB is that you are never spoon-fed anything and you have to strive to achieve what you want. The environment at ASB is truly beautiful for anyone wanting to learn, adapt and achieve. My two years at Amrita are deinitely the best and the most productive years of my life not to forget the friends and Teachers who are as good as family to me.

Mr. Jatin Shriyan (MBA 2013)
Marketing Analyst, Zoho Corporation, Chennai

There is a lot of learning. From classrooms, peer clubs,management festivals, teamwork, alumni meets, corporate interactions, the wonderful faculty, summer internship to just the admirable campus you have become a part of. There is a lot to be taken away from this place.

Shruti Khaitan (MBA 2013)
Marketing Analyst , Freshdesk


I was very much excited on my first day as I stepped into RBI, but at the same time I was afraid if I could meet the expectations. The two month internship period in RBI was really a learning experience for me as I was able to work with such experienced and knowledgeable people. I was working in the Forex Department of RBI and my project was about “Policies on Foreign Trade and role of Banks in Exports”. All the employees in the department were really helpful and friendly. It really helped me in molding myself and gave me an exposure to the real work culture in an organization.

Neethu Jimmy,
Specialization: Finance, Company: RBI, Chennai

The company is full of set policies and methodologies that have to be followed by every person and they demand at-most cleanliness, as it is a food manufacturing company and ‘Hygiene’ is their primary motive. At first, I was made to join a learning and development project titled ‘Leadership Development’, to which I was also asked by the ‘Head of Department – HR’ to formulate an Induction Kit and a Module (consisting of both overview and specifics of every department) for Officer and above level new comers. I will cherish the moments of my internship till the end of my life.

Vignesh Keerthi Kashyap,
Specialization: Human Resources, Company: Nestle, Karnataka

The project was to access the potential of a product category of Philips Lightings in the market along with sale closing for ‘Tube light LED’ as first and second phase. At first, I got a chance to learn about the different product category in Philips Lightings. In the next stage, I was assigned to do lead generation work, where I experienced the real B2B segments by meeting the higher authorities of many industries. I could generate 13 actual leads, out of the 44 target segments visited. In the second phase, I did sale closing for certain targeted B2B industries, where I showcased my marketing skills.

Nirvaan Jayaprakash,
Specialization: Marketing, Company: Philips Lightings, Trichy

The opportunity of interning at PepsiCo was a dream comes true. My project topic pertained to analyzing the efficacy of employee engagement programs in different organizations in the manufacturing industry. I got the opportunity to survey the HR managers of top organizations in the manufacturing industry. My mentor and the team constantly guided me throughout my project and I have come out with good learning from the same. My mentor urged me to refine my thinking process and approach, and I should be really happy to say that I have acquired certain skills in these two months of my project duration.

Namrata R Nair,
Specialization: Human Resources, Company: Pepsi Co., Chennai

I worked with the data and strategy team of the company, where I analyzed the customer demographics and end-to-end customer activities to understand the purchasing patterns of the customers. The objective of my project was mainly to understand the product propensity among the customers and predict what customers will buy even before they know themselves. The project involved sifting through mountains of data and analyzing them to identify the factors affecting a customer purchase decision, thus coming up with a model predicting future purchases. It provided me the chance to apply the business knowledge and technical skills that I had acquired while studying, to propose a solution to real business problem.

Vishnu S. Nair,
Specialization: Marketing, Company:, Chennai

I got to work on projects directed at testing new concepts that could be launched as products/services, checking the communication/reach of advertisements of some global giants; competitor analysis in the ECommerce market; usage of social networking in India to many more. Once the field work for the projects were over, came the analysis part, which involved coming up with a project-based-template with sections demarcated based on their importance to the crux of the research. It was followed by the data dump according to sections, secondary and tertiary analysis and final report writing. Right from the beginning, they let me partake in every step of the research process.

Arun Preethi Pillai,
Specialization: Marketing, Company: TNS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

My two months at IFMR Lead, Chennai was instrumental in understanding the various management concepts like Research Design, New Business setup, Recruitment, Project Management, Process & Policy Development etc., IFMR LEAD strengthened by foundation as an Operations manager aspirant, and subsequently, offered a platform to share my thoughts and ideas within the organization. The best part of my project is it substantially improved my problem solving and decision- making skills which is considered as one of the core strength of MBA’s graduates by various organizations. Starting a data entry company and setting up things for its day-to-day normal operations is a really challenging one and I enjoyed it to the core.

Deepak Kumar Thyagarajan,
Specialization: Operations, Company: IFMR, Chennai

External audit and its following procedures was the basis of my work.It gave me an extra edge when it comes to auditor’s report. I got an opportunity to know about IFRS and IAS, and how these affect the auditor’s report.
Importance of re-evaluation and exact figures in financial statements is an aspect which made me aware about how confidential and careful the auditor’s work should be. For every process, there was a formal procedure, which has to be carried out from low level to the highest level in the form. I find this opportunity as a practical experience in this theory world that would definitely help me in my upcoming career.

Ashwini Babu,
Specialization: Finance, Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC), Abu Dhabi

At NetElixir, I first worked along with inbound team, where I got a chance to give a creative touch to the project assigned to me. It was my privilege to give my first presentation in front of CEO. I told him about company reaching 100,000 hours on June 23. He appreciated the idea and asked me to shoot an ad on this theme. I felt so happy for the way my colleagues helped me in making this ad. I am so lucky to share my birthday with this 100,000 hours milestone. The appreciation mail I got from CEO on my birthday made that day more colourful.

Munduri Ajendranath,
Specialization: Marketing, Company: NetElixir, Hyderabad