This lab was established in the year 2012 with the support of Cognizant Technology solutions,India. Amrita Cognizant Innovation Lab has been setup to conduct research in the areas of vision, Medical Image processing,Machine Learning,Surveillance,Cognitive Networking,cloud computing and data analysis.The objective is to develop research areas that can provide real time solutions to the industries.

The Amrita- CTS Lab is a state-of-art facility equipped with many specialized and general purpose equipment. The specialized equipment provides researchers an opportunity to experiment and test on many innovative ideas. The specialized equipments provided in the lab 

The lab is set for research in the area of Human Computer Interaction. The lab will have equipment ranging from normal Google VR cardboard to advanced Oculus glasses. Also, the Gesture catching sensors as Leap Motion Sensor, Struct Sensor shall find a place in the lab. Overall, this lab will enable the researchers and students to experiment the applications development in the Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality area.

"The projects completed and their publications in the identified research areas are presented below:" Computer Vision, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Video Analytics


Computer vision deals with developing algorithms for understanding images/video captured from real world. The challenges include representation, view point ,camera calibration and stereo vision geometry for 3D estimation. The projects completed in this area are listed below.





Image processing deals with processing of images using algorithms for image enhancement,segmentation,image analysis,annotation,retreival and classification. The projects completed in this area are as below.





Medical Image processing group concentrates on developing algorithms for clinical iagnosis. The broad areas concentrated are Retinopathy and Maculopathy,Lung disease Diagonsis and classification,Brain MRI and CT Image processing and Analysis, Dentistry. The projects are associated with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences,Cochin.





Video Analytics describes computerized processing and analysis of video streams using algorithms.Here the areas identified are mostely related to social cause like survilleance,event detection,classification,tracking and video annotation.



The Amrita Cognizant Innovation lab involves in cutting edge research in the areas of information security and Cryptanalysis of Web, Mobile, Distributed, Network, Malware etc. Presently the research focus is on intrusion detection and anomaly analysis, privacy preservation analysis on social networks, building trust based recommender systems, video surveillance, malware analysis and Improving the reliability of cloud based applications. The lab has to its credit a good number of publications in referred conferences and journals.

This lab is being set with an objective to carry out full-fledged research , through scalable acquisition of vast amount of information in an cost effective manner. Intelligence is provided for the information gathered. Large-scale sensing has applications in many areas of research, for instance, electric utilities have long wanting to monitor the condition of their generation, transmission and distribution equipment. This laboratory on Wireless Sensor Networks offers students and researchers, a theoretical and practical introduction to the concepts of wireless networks, focusing on sensor network aspects.


Digital Evaluation Module

The Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) from Texas Instruments enables developers to build digital video applications effortlessly. Video applications include Videophones, Video streaming, Video security systems and development of compression standards.

Robotic Kits

Lego Mind Storm and I-Robot enable users to create an affordable mobile robot platform easily.

They help in understanding the fundamentals of robotics easily.

Machine Vision system

The vision system from National Instruments is designed to acquire and process images in real time. The systems are ideal for complex, high-speed machine vision applications such as high-speed sorting, assembly verification, packaging inspection and surface inspection.

Beagle & Leopard Board

The Beagle Board is a low-power open source hardware single-board computer produced by Texas Instruments. Leopard board is an open source hardware made as companion board for the Beagle Board.

TP-Link IP

TP-Link IP (Wireless Day/Night Surveillance Camera, Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera) provides students a platform to analyze and build surveillance and tracking based applications.

Universal Software Radio Peripheral

Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) for Cognitive Radio Development is a tool for rapid prototyping and deployment of software radios.

Kinect for SDK

Kinect for Windows sensor and software development kit (SDK) offer a superior development platform for Windows with camera, infrared, depth data and accelerometer features.

Nvidia GEFORCE GT240 graphic Card and AMD Radeon™ HD 6670 Graphics card

are provided to implement and test GPU based computing paradigms.

The general purpose equipment available in the lab are

  • HP Z400 workstation
  • HP 6200DX PC – 5 systems
  • Canon 9000f flatbed scanner 
  • LCD projector
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