Ph.D, MA

Dr. Balasubramanian has completed his M. A. and Ph. D. from the Department of Communication, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. He has a combined work experience of close to thirteen years in industry and academia.

Teaching areas at Amrita include television production, AV basics and documentary.

Before joining Amrita, he was heading the UG and the PG Department of Mass Communication at SIAD, Chennai. He has also worked in various institutions in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He has also served in an advertising industry as Production Executive for two years .

Dr. Balasubramanian's research interest include E- Governance in affiliating Indian Universities, Impact of TV programmes such as Top 10 movies and Mega Serials on the viewers. He has published papers on ICT and E - Governance, Presented papers at National and International Conferences. He also organized national level seminars at Christ College, Bangalore.

Dr. Balasubramanian has designed and developed many successful course modules including Visual Narrative Sequence, Film Studies, Information Education and Communication, and Documentary.

Dr. Balasubramanian has produced couple of documentaries for ministry of tribal welfare and the Department of Anthropology, University of Madras.

The Documentary about tribes in Tamil Nadu was Sponsored by the Ministry of Tribal Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. The purpose of this project was to produce a 30 minutes documentary about the tribes in various spots of Tamil Nadu, highlighting their belief system, tribal medical practice, life style and suggestions for tribal welfare.

Dr. A. Balasubramanian served as Reviewer in ICDIPC 2014, The Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. A. Balasubramanian is an Editorial Board Member of Blue Ocean Research Journal, an online, internationally peer reviewed, open access academic journal

Reviewer/Editorial Board Member

  • Scientific committee member for the International Soft Science Conference 2016 (ISSC’2016) organized by Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Editorial Board Member – American Journal of Social Science Research (ISSN: 2381-7712)
  • Reviewer for the journal “Journalism and Mass Communication”, (ISSN: 2160-6579), David Publishing Company, USA.
  • Reviewer for the fourth international conference on Digital Information Processing and Communication (ICDIPC 2014), organized by Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Reviewer for The International Conference on Communication and Media 2014 [i-COME’14], Malaysia 
  • Reviewer for the International Conference on Arts and Humanities – 2014 (ICOAH 2014), Srilanka 
  • Reviewer for the journal Public Science Framework, USA


Publication Type: Journal Article

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Dr. Balasubramanian A. and B.A. Sabarish, “A Study on the Impact of Google Search on the Reading Habits of Academicians”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 9, no. 21, 2016.[Abstract]

Background/Objectives: The present day students, research supervisors and faculty members depend on Google search engine as a tool for collecting information on any specific topic of interest. There is a need to understand what extent the materials selected is relevant for their work under consideration. This study investigates the outcome of the use of Google search engine for the choice of material and the reading habits among the research supervisors, research scholars, faculty members and graduate students. Methods: Questionnaires were used to conduct the survey. The responses were obtained through telephonic interviews or receiving duly filled in questionnaire through E-mail. Findings: It has been identified that search engines like Google has reduced the level of lateral thinking and force the academicians to depend on Google for information. This actively reduces the thinking process and developing innovative research ideas.

Applications/Improvements: The use of search engine has resulted in thinking less and searching more when it comes to academic purpose, which also drastically reduces the analytical capability.

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Dr. Balasubramanian A. and B.G, J. Balu, “Tribal Language and Community Radio: A Case study on “Radio Mattoli” Wayanad, Kerala”, Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, pp. 160-170, 2015.


Dr. Balasubramanian A. and Govindaraju, P., “Institutional preparedness for e-governance in Indian Affiliating Universities–A Study on Teaching Faculties perspective”, International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS ) , vol. 6, pp. 42-46, 2012.[Abstract]

The application of technology world over has brought radical changes in the traditional view on career option and security. Within the context of rapid technological change and shift in market conditions, the Indian education system is challenged with the problem of expanding its educational opportunities. The concept of governance applied to universities in India is related to the exercise of controlling the power of different centers and departments which are part of an Indian affiliating university. This research paper aims to understand the institutional preparedness for e-governance in Indian Affiliating Universities from the perspective of teaching faculty. The data is collected through questionnaire and analyzed using factor analysis.

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Publication Type: Conference Paper

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Dr. Balasubramanian A., “A study on the Impact of Google search on the reading habits of Academicians”, in Global Congress on Computing and Media Technologies (GCMT-2015) , Sathyabama University, Chennai in association with Aisa Pacific University, Malaysia, 2015.


R. Ariharasutha and Dr. Balasubramanian A., “A study on Gender Bias in words in Tamil News papers: Feministic Approach”, in International Conference on Elements of Arts and Human in Tamil Literature,, 2015.


J. Balu B.G and Dr. Balasubramanian A., “Tribal Language and Community Radio: A Case Study on “Radio Mattoli” Wayanad, Kerala, India”, in International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design (ICCMTD – 2015), Dubai, United Arab Emirates., 2015, pp. 160-170.


Dr. Balasubramanian A., “Health Awareness and Youth: A Study on the Impact of Visual and Caption on the Cigarette Packets on Youth.”, in International Conference on Communication and Media 2014(i-come'14) , Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi, 2014.[Abstract]

In recent times smoking has been considered as a synonym of youth. The Government of India has taken initiative to create awareness about the health consequences of smoking. The image on the cigarette packets to gorier and disturbing pictures is an example for the same. In this paper the researchers analyzed the impact of the warning caption and image on the cigarette packets on the youth. Based on survey method and focus group discussion it was found that the warning captions and visuals are not communicating the message in an appropriate way.

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J. Sreekumar and Dr. Balasubramanian A., “An analysis of the siblings bond in the Iranian movie 'Children of Heaven'”, in International Conference on Arts and Humanities ICOAH-2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2014.[Abstract]

Iranian Cinema is the most talked-about topic among global audiences at present. One of their most successful Iranian filmmakers is Majid Majidi, whose films have gained plenty of international acclaim. Most of his films showcase strong family bonds and socially relevant plots. Even as the central plot of the movie 'Children of Heaven' revolves around a pair of lost shoes, Majidi shows the beautiful relationship between a brother and sister in the midst of all the struggles and hardships they face. There are a number of scenes in the movie where the siblings' love for each other is narrated through point of view narrative style. This paper analyses and understands how the brotherly and sisterly affection is portrayed in the film through content analysis method.

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Dr. Balasubramanian A., “A Study on social impact of internet on students of state universities”, in The Asian Conference on Media and Communication, IAFOR, Tamil Nadu, India, 2013.


Dr. Balasubramanian A., “Institutional preparedness for e-governance in Indian Affiliating Universities - A study on Teaching Faculty Perspective”, in International conference on Information Technology, E-Government and Application , Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012.


Dr. Balasubramanian A., “A Study of Institutional Preparedness for e-governance in Indian affiliating universities – University student’s perspective”, in National Conference on Grassroots Communication for Development, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu, India , 2011.


Dr. Balasubramanian A., “ICT and Women Empowerment in Nellai District”, in International Conference on ICT and Women Empowerment, Manonmaniam Sundarnar University, Tamil Nadu, India and AMIC, Singapore , 2009.

Publication Type: Conference Proceedings

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Dr. Balasubramanian A. and B, V., “Power cut and Advertisement Strategy”, Tamil Science Congress. p. 797, 2012.

Papers Presented in Seminars 

  • Presented a paper entitled “Face Book and Security Issues pertaining to Friend’s Request” in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Social Networking Media -Current Trends and Research Challenges organized by Department of Mass Communication and Journalism and Mass Communication, Sri Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati, India on February 09-10, 2012.
  • Presented a paper entitled “ Institutional preparedness for e-governance in Indian Affiliating Universities” in the UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on Journalism in the Age of New Media organized by Surendranath College for Women, Kolkata, India on January 10-11, 2012.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Need of E-Governance in Indian Affiliating University – University Students Perspective” in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on E-Governance: Issues and Challenges, organized by the Department of Political Science, Gobi Arts and Science College, Tamil Nadu, India on August 7-8, 2009.
  • Presented a paper entitled “E-Governance: Issues and Challenges in Indian Affiliating University” in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on E-Governance: Isues and Challenges, organized by the Department of Political Science, Gobi Arts and Science College, Tamil Nadu, India on August 7-8, 2009.