Seema P. N. currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri. She has completed M. Tech. in Instrumentation & Control System.


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S. Manju, P.N. Seema, and A. Rajendran, “A novel algorithm for power flow management in Combined AC/DC microgrid”, in 1st IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems, ICPEICES 2016, 2017.[Abstract]

A Combined AC/DC microgrid is established for the efficient power flow between AC and DC loads and the sources combining the advantages of both AC and DC microgrids. The AC and DC microgrids are merged through an interlinking converter (IC). Energy storage element is also connected to the system for providing continuous power supply. In this paper a new control algorithm for the bidirectional power flow control of interlinking converter during islanding mode of combined AC/DC microgrid along with battery control is implemented. The modified droop based control strategy eliminates the use of communication links and also reduces the power conversion stages. The input to the power management strategy are the frequency of the AC microgrid and the DC bus voltage of interlinking converter. The experimental simulations are performed in MATLAB/ SIMULINK and results are analyzed. © 2016 IEEE.

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P.N. Seema, Deepa, V., and Dr. Manjula G. Nair, “Implementation of consumer level intelligence in a smart micro-grid along with HEMS based price prediction scheme”, in 1st IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems, ICPEICES 2016, 2017.[Abstract]

The consumer demand is increasing day-by-day with the emergence of new technologies for human comfort. The growing demand is expeditiously leading to the depletion of resources and increasing tariff. The improvised structure of the conventional grid namely, smart grid is rapidly gaining attention with its scheme for efficient meeting of the growing demand and the integration of renewables. The implementation of smart grid requires extensive communication methodology and structured control strategy. In this paper, the controls over the smart grid have been segregated into three as primary, secondary and tertiary. This paper deals with the intelligence associated with the primary and secondary levels placed in regard with the consumer and micro-grid operation. A price prediction scheme as a part of Home Energy Management System (HEMS) has also been designed to increase the consumer awareness. The role of the consumer as well as micro-grid in intelligent demand management has been demonstrated in this paper through simulations in MatLab using fuzzy logic. This system was also verified in hardware and the implementation details have been provided. © 2016 IEEE.

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G. Gireesh and P.N. Seema, “High frequency SEPIC Converter with PWM Integral Sliding Mode Control”, in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy, TAP Energy 2015, 2015, pp. 393-397.[Abstract]

SEPIC Converter is a fourth order non-linear system and hence non-linear control strategies are more suitable to apply for it. When the SEPIC operates at very high switching frequency, it is essential to limit the computation time lower than the switching period. Sliding Mode Control (SMC) meet this objective. This paper presents a PWM based Integral Sliding Mode Control Strategy for controlling the output voltage of SEPIC converter. The present control methods for SEPIC converter are based on linear control approaches which are critical in low power application areas consuming more power since they require more processing time to run. The proposed control strategy is developed using the hybrid model of SEPIC converter with the state space averaging technique. The equivalent control law is derived and the control model is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the desired response is obtained. © 2015 IEEE.

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