The Conference and Workshop on Computational Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development for Immune Disorders was organized by Amrita School of Pharmacy from March 7-9, 2019. Dr. Sabitha M. (Principal, School of Pharmacy), delivered the welcome address followed by a presidential address by Dr. Shantikumar V. Nair (Dean of Research, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham). The conference was inaugurated by Dr. N. Chandramohan Kumar (Director, Centre for Development of Marine Biotechnology, School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science & Technology).

The sessions included “Modeling Reveals the Origin of Pathogenicity in a Glu to Asp Variant of a Serpin in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” by Dr. Debnath Pai (Professor, Department of Computational and Databases, IISC Bangalore), “Immune Disorders and Cancer – A Pharmacogenomic Model for the Design of P4-Drugs” by Dr. P. K. Krishnan Namboori (Associate Professor, AMMAS Research Lab, Coimbatore), “Drug Design Strategies using Target Structure-based and Ligand-based Modeling: Case Studies” by Dr. P Yogeswari (Professor, Department of Pharmacy, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus) and “Addressing Structure-based Drug Design towards Neuroimmunomodulatory Disorders” by Dr. Gopi Mohan C. (Associate Professor, Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, AIMS, Kochi). Interactive sessions and hands-on training on molecular docking and ADMET were provided by Dr. Sudipa Mondal (NIT, Nagpur).

Day Sessions Topic Resource person
Day I Session I Modeling reveals the origin of pathogenicity in a Glu to Asp variant of a Serpin in Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Dr. Debnath Pai, Professor, Dept. of Computational and databases, IISC Bangalore
Session II Immune disorders and cancer –a pharmacogenomic model for the design of P4-drugs Dr. P. K. Krishnan Namboori, Associate Professor, AMMAS Research Lab, Coimbatore
Session III   Drug design strategies using target structure based and ligand based modeling: case studies Dr. P Yogeswari, Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy, BITS Pilani , Hyderabad campus
Session II Addressing structure based drug design towards neuroimmunomodulatory disorders Dr. Gopi Mohan C, Associate Professor, Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, AIMS, Kochi
Day 2   Session I Interactive session and hands on training on molecular docking Dr. Sudipa Mondal, NIT, Nagpur
Session II Hand on training on Molecular Docking
Session III ADMET hands on training
Day 3 Session I Hands on training on QSAR and Pharmacophore modeling
  Session II FT-NMR, 2D NMR and DEPT. Interpretation of mass spectroscopy
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