Team bi0s of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, was invited to play the onsite CTF at Duy Tan University, Vietnam, among 6 international CTF teams and 5 Vietnamese teams, after finishing the first worldwide in the qualifying round. 

The grand finale was scheduled on August 17, 2019, where the team finished as the first runner up. Members of the team who participated in the finals were: Tarunkant Gupta (S7 CSE), Akul Pillai (S5 CSE), Mahesh Hari Sarma (S5 CSE), S. Ashwin Shenoi (S5 CSE) and Jaswanth Bommidi (S3 CSE). 

ISITDTU CTF is a international jeopardy-styled CTF conducted by Duy Tan University, Vietnam. Nearly 300 teams worldwide registered for the CTF, including the most prestigious teams who have been pioneering in the field of Cybersecurity and research.

CTF challenges simulate real world cyber security threats in the form of challenges so that the players would be well aware of how the world is progressing in the field of CyberSecurity. It consists of challenges from various fields such as Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Web and Forensics.

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