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Over the years, Amrita School of Business has undertaken an extensive continuum of Industry Interface activities like Management Colloquia, Management Development Programmes, Consultancy and Customized In-Company Programmes.

We have industry experts coming to ASB every year not only from India, but also from the world bringing with them immense valuable information in the form of their experience from the industry they worked in, the culture of their country and the learning’s which give our students an edge over those from most other reputed institutions.

Management Colloquia

Industry professionals over the years have been visiting Amrita School of Business and sharing their valuable knowledge which they have gained over the years. They act as a colossal source of knowledge. This way the students get an industry exposure through the speaker’s experience.

Date Topic Name of the Speaker Affiliation of the Speaker
14th October 2023 HR – Now & Then Mr. P. Kannan Ex. GM, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited
14th October 2023 Journey towards Entrepreneurship Mr. Senu Sam CEO, Mykare Health
14th October 2023 Start up Workplace Culture Ms. Sandra Hillarious Senior Lead People Officer, Mykare Health
28th October 2023 Motivation vs. Purpose Mr. Thangavel Puhal CEO, DigiNadu
29th October 2023 Transition From Traditional AI To Generative AI Mr. Senthil Nayagam Founder of Muonium AI
21st December 2023 Investment Banking Mr. Chandrashekar Kupperi Founder CEO, ANOVA Corporate Services Pvt.Ltd
16th February 2024 Pitchfest 2024 Ms. Loshini, Mr. Madhu GN, Mr. Arun Kumar
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