The Department of Mechanical Engineering houses various laboratories and consists of State of the Art Equipments to equip students with a practical exposure to the concepts and orient them towards its applications in various sectors. The Department comprises various laboratories.

Material Testing lab

The Material Testing Lab is concerned with the determination of the mechanical properties of the materials, such as Tensile Strength, Compressive Strength, Toughness, Torque, Hardness etc.

Metallurgy Lab

The Metallurgy Lab enables the study of the microstructure of the materials and characterization of the specimen using a metallurgical microscope coupled with a software, 'Metallurgical +'. The microscope can also be deployed for high end research activities.

Foundry Lab

The Foundry Lab deals with the study and testing of sand properties used in molding applications and also involves making simple moulds of different shapes.

Metrology lab

The Metrology Lab familiarizes the students with the system and procedure of conducting measurements including linear measurements, measurement of angles, heath, diameter, thread profile, gear profile, effective diameter, surface roughness, flatness, etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics lab covers experiments on fluid flow and verification of loss.

Fluid Machinery Lab

The Fluid Machinery Lab is concerned with the study of the various turbines and their applications.

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

The Heat & Mass Transfer Lab consists of experiments to study the thermal conductivity of materials, conduction through rods, convective heat transfer coefficient, emmissivity and analysis of heat exchanger.

IC Engines Lab

The IC Engines Lab deals with the performance testing on petrol and diesel engines. The Lab also possesses a dedicated Variable Compression Ratio Engine which is ideal for research on alternate fuels.

Lathe & Special Machines Lab

The Lathe and Special Machines Lab provides hands on training in the operation of machine tools such as Lathe, Milling Machine and Shaping Machine through simple exercises like thread cutting, taper turning, making of gears and grooves on workpieces.

Basic Workshop Lab

The Workshop Lab familiarizes the students on basic Mechanical engineering Concepts such as Welding, Soldering, and covers experiments on Product Detailing, Sheet Metal models and Pneumatics Lab.

Machine Dynamics Lab

The Machine Dynamics Lab is dedicated to the study of principles and mechanics in the area of Automobile Engineering and covers experiments on Cam Analysis, Governors, Gyroscopes, Wheel Balancing, Vibration Effects, etc.

Instrumentation & Control Engineering Lab

The Instrumentation & Control Engineering Lab consists of experiments based on Control Theory and Instrumentation Systems comprising of measurement of various parameters like temperature, pressure, vibration, acceleration, velocity, etc. The flow and level controllers are interfaced with the system through DAC for further analysis of data.


The CAD/CAM lab enables the 3 Dimensional modeling of the objects in a CAD /CAM using a software for creation, editing and visualization of the models.