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Indian Welding Society


The Indian Welding Society (IWS)was started on 14th March 2002 by welding professionals from leading fabrication industries to educational and research institutes around the country, mainly with the idea of providing a forum for propagation and exchange of ideas and developments in the welding industry. In this short span of time, the IWS has spread to four prominent zones of the country namely the Western, Southern, Northern & central zones and has more than 2000 active members.

The IWS AMRITA chapter was formed on Nov 22 2012 in the college. The chapter was formally inaugurated by Dr. Murugan, Head of the Department, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore and Dr. V. Balusamy, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Metallurgical Engineering , PSG College of Technology, coimbatore under the patronage of Dr. K. Ramesh Kumar Chairman, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, coimbatore.

A seminar on Advances in Welding Technology was conducted by Dr. Rajashekar, Senior Manager ,Welding Research Institute(WRI), Trichy on the same day. In the following week the office bearers were selected and this marked the beginning of the activities for the year 2012. At present IWS AMRITA has 45 members from the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Dr. Rajasekhar, Senior Manager, WRI giving a seminar on Advances in Welding Technology

IWS Amrita Activities:
  • Since its inception, the IWS Amrita chapter has seen active participation from all its members
  • B Kiruthi Murugan, Adhitan R K presented paper titled” Study on Filler material addition in Friction Stir Welding” International Symposium on Joining of Materials, SOJOM 2012, Organised by WRI, Trichy during January 19-22, 2012 .
  • B Kiruthi Murugan, Adhitan R K presented paper titled “Feasibility of Coaxial Filler material addition in Friction Stir Welding” International Conference on Futuristic trends in Mechanical Engineering held in Thiruvalluvar College in Vandavasi during January 28-29, 2012
  • Three office bearers attended the International Symposium on Joining of Materials, SOJOM 2012, Organised by WRI, Trichy during 19th to 22nd January 2012 .
  • The chapter planning to conduct the regular Seminars for IWS members with expert lectures.
NSS Programs in 2020-2021

The NSS wing of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham – Coimbatore, has conducted the following activities during the period 2020-21. Students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering have actively participated in NSS activities.

  1. Launch of partnership between Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Yuwaah, and UNICEF.
  2. As a part of the 151st birth anniversary celebrations of Sri. Mahatma Gandhi, an Online Quiz was conducted through Microsoft Teams.
  3. As a part of the 74th Independence Day celebrations, an Art contest was conducted.
  4. An online debate and discussion session (through MS Teams) was also organized as part of 3. on the topic – “Is India truly Independent in all aspects?”.
  5. A webinar on “Education 2020 and Beyond” was jointly organized by the NSS wing of Amrita University in association with LOTUS NGO, and Iskcon, Coimbatore. The following speakers shared their valuable experiences:–
    Padma Shree Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Renowned Scientist of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Dr. Kalanidhi A., Former Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Dean – Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, and His Holiness Bhakti Vinoda Swami of Iskcon – Coimbatore.
NSS Programs during 2015-2019

The NSS wing of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham with six units and consisting of 600 volunteers have conducted the following activities. Students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering are actively participating in NSS activities.

  1. Cleaning up of the Selvapuram tank along with other Socially committed groups
  2. Blood donation Awareness camp
  3. Awareness program on “Smokefree Diwali”
  4. Campus cleaning after Gokulashtami as a part of SWACCHTA PAKHWADA program
  5. Rally and pledge taking on National Integrations as a part of Ekta Diwas day
  6. Visit to Mission of Charity – Old age home
  7. Visit to General Hospital Cancer ward as a part of Ashwin Maharaj foundation
  8. APJ Abdul Kalam Birthday celebration as Youth awakening Day Rally
Poster summary of the activities undertaken by the NSS wing of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, during the AY-2020-2021

Poster on Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations – October 2020

Poster on Independence Day Celebrations & Associated Art Contest – August 2020

Webinar on “Education 2020 and Beyond”, September 2020

Launch of Partnership Between Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Yuwaah, and UNICEF, July 2020

Winners of the Art Contest
(Independence Day celebrations)

Snapshot of the Online Debate and Discussion Session on the Topic, “Is India Truly Independent in All Aspects?”

Report on the activities undertaken by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore as a part of the SWACCHTA PAKHWADA.
  • NSS Volunteers Cleaned the Campus a Stretch of 3 KM Road (2017)
  • NSS 1 Lake Cleaning Activity – Untangling the Tangled

    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham NSS student volunteers participated in the cleaning drive of the Kumarasamy lake – Muthanna Kulam, near SBOA School, Coimbatore (21.01.2018).

ACME – Association of Mechanical Engineering

ACME – Association of Mechanical Engineering
Office Bearers
All students & staff of the Mechanical Engineering Department are the members of the department.
CAY – 2020-21: Faculty Advisory Committee CAY – 2020-21: Student Office Bearers
Dr. Ajith Ramesh (Convener)
Mr. Arun A.
Mr. S.Prabhu
Dr. R. Sakthivel
Dr. Thirugnanasambantham K. G.  
President: Mr. Pankaj Rishikesh M
Secretary: Mr. Saketh
Treasurer: Mr. Sriram V.
Joint Secretaries:
Mr. Sai Srikar Malla
Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Sunith S.
Ms. Saranya Sri S.
Mr. Jaideep Raghunath
Mr. Kishore S.
Mr. Abhinav Chavali
Mr. Vignesh S.
Mr. J. Sadhgurunathan
Mr. Anush
Mr. S. G. Chethan
Mr. Raman Binu
Sanketika (Newsletter) Editors
Ms. Harshini G. V.
Ms. C. V. S. Sai Sri Sharanya
Mr. Abhay Sabarinath
List of Activities Organized by Professional Societies/Associations/Chapters (2020-21)
Workshops Conducted by Professional Society
S. No. Professional Society / Association / Chapter Nature of the Event (Title) No. of Participants (Internal) Duration Date From – To External Expert Members (Industry / Academia) Internal Expert Members
1. ACME Seminar on higher studies in Europe. Grenoble INP, France 106 3 days 22.01.2020 to 24.01.2020 Prof. Pierre Lemaitre Auger
Prof. Eric Blanco
Prof. Gulgun Alpan
Dr. S. Thirumalini
2. ACME Workshop on MechAnalyzer software 67 1 day 10.02.2020 Prof. Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi Dr. K. Rameshkumar
3. ACME Webinar on Emerging trends in foundry 166 1 day 04.09.2020 Mr. Harishankar Ramamurthi Dr. A. Sumesh
4. ACME Webinar on Fundamentals of Metal Joining Processes 101 1 day 14.10.2020 Dr. A. Raja Dr. A. Sumesh
5. ACME Webinar on Start-up Journey- Idea to commercialization 84 1 day 19.09.2020 Dr. K. Suresh Kumar Dr. N. Radhika
6. ACME Webinar on High-Performance Materials (Aviation Industry) 89 1 day 10.10.2020 Mr. Gopinath Chakkaravarthy Dr. R. Vaira Vignesh,
Dr. M. Govindaraju
7. ACME Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Supply Chain 122 1 day 20.10.2020 Dr. K. Antony Dr. A. Sumesh
Publication of Technical Magazines, Newsletters

‘SANKETIKA’ is a newsletter of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus. This newsletter is intended to provide information and announcements regarding all technical and nontechnical events/ activities for the benefit of students, staff and other stakeholders of the department. ACME professional body will be responsible for the contents and release of this quarterly newsletter. It highlights the academic and research achievements of the department, faculty recognitions, student achievements, and in addition, the students are provided opportunities to showcase their talents in writing skills, poetry, art & drawing, photography, etc., through this newsletter.

Department Newsletter-Sanketika/vol.-01


Department Newsletter-Sanketika/vol.-02

Workshop Conducted by Professional Societies 2015-19
S. No. Professional Society / Association / Chapter Nature of the Event (Title) No. of Participants (Internal) Duration Date From – To External Expert Members (Industry / Academia) Internal Expert Members
1. ACME Technical Talk on Expectations of Industry from Budding Engineers 100 1 day 23.4.2015 Mr. B. R. Naresh,
General Manager Walter Tools India Ltd., Pune
Dr. S. Thirumalini
2. ACME Simulation of Noise and Vibration in the Automotive Industries 75 1 day 06.01.2016 Ing. Dietmar Jennewein,
Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dr. S. Thirumalini
3. ACME Advanced Materials and Joining processes 84 2 days 26.02.2016 & 27.02.2016 Dr. N. Murugan,
Patron – Indian Welding Society, Coimbatore.
Dr. R. Padmanaban
Dr. M. Arivarasu
4. ACME Introduction to MATLAB 40 2 days 08.03.2016 & 22.03.2016 Dr. B. Santhosh
Dr. R. Padmanaban
Dr. M. Saimurugan
5. ACME Future Technologies & Design thinking 124 1 day 15.07.2016 Mr.Sudhakar Shenoy,
Fr Sr. VP John Deere India;
Prof. S.Balaram,
Dean D J Academy of Design India;
Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Head, John Deere Technology Centre India;
Prof. S. Balaram, Dean DJ Academy of Design India
Dr. S. Thirumalini
6. ACME Students leadership program 45 1 day 15.07.2016 Mr. Sudhakar Shenoy,
Fr Sr. VP John Deere India
Dr. S. Thirumalini
7. ACME Improving the Quality of life for Humanity via Humanitarian Robotics and Automation 126 2 days 10.08.16 & 11.08.16 Dr. Raj Madhaavan
Founder & CEO of Humanitarian Robotics Technologies (HumRobTech), LLC based in Maryland, USA
Dr. Sanjivi Arul
8. ACME Engines for off-Highway 95 1 day 24.11.2016 Mr. Radhakrisnan, Engineer, M/S Caterpillar IndiaChennai Dr. S. Srihari
9. ACME Additive Manufacturing and its applications 60 1 day 02.01.2017 Prof. Sarat Singamneni,
Associate Professor, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ
Dr. M. Ramu
10. ACME Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos-Theory and Computation 79 2 days 27.01.2017& 28.01.2017 Dr. Biswambhar Rakshit, Dr. B. Santhosh,
Dr. Bipin Balaram
11. ACME Design Thinking 20 3 days 09.02.2017 to 11.02.2017 Dr. S. Balaram,
Fr. Industrial Designer, Sr Faculty, Fr Chairman, NID India.
Dr. M. Ramu
12. ACME Recent Trends in Signature Analysis of ARCWELDING 35 1 day 06.03.2017 Dr. A.Raja, Foemr Addl. GM, WRI-BHEL, Trichy;
Prof.Dres Markus Rehfeldt, Professor, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany;
Ing.Habil Dietrich Rehfeldt, Professor, Leibnis University, Hanover, Germany
Dr. K. I. Ramachandran
13. ACME Challenges and Sustainable solutions for Rural India 64 1 day 09.03.2017 Dr.S.P.Anbuudayasankar Dr. V. Satheeshkumar
14. ACME Design Thinking – An Approach 47 4 days 10.07.2017 to  13.07.2017 Dr.Eric Blanco,
Associate Professor Grenoble University France
Dr. M. Ramu
15. ACME Lean Manufacturing and Applications in Innovation and New Product Development 49 1 day 17.07.2017 Dr.Eric Blanco,
Associate Professor Grenoble University France.
Dr. P. Raghuram,
Dr. P. G. Saleeshya
16. ACME Meta-heuristics application to Large-scale Optimization in Logistics, Simulation 50 1 day 19.07.2017 Dr.Purushothaman Damodaran,
Professor & Chair, Industrial & Sytems Engineering;
Dr.Shanthi Muthusamy,
Associate Professor, Department of Technology, Northern Illinois University, Chicago, USA.
17. ACME Physical Law Based Approach of CFD Development 70 1 day 13.09.2017 Prof.Atul Sharama,
Professor ME Department IIT B
Dr. S. Thirumalini
18. ACME Design thinking – Opportunities in Industrial and Design Engineering 30 4 days 18.12.2017 to 22.12.2017 Dr.Eric Blanco,
Grenoble University, France
Dr. M. Ramu
19. ACME Fulbright Specialist Program:
1. FD Workshop (for faculty) and Technical lectures for UG & PG students 2.Seminar on higher education opportunities in US 3.Research interaction with faculty TAG groups 4.Workshop on Computational Solid Mechanics and Advanced Mechanics of Materials
300 14 days 29.12.2017 to 11.01.2018 Mr. Romesh C. Batra,
Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Virginia-Tech USA.
Dr. Ajith Ramesh
20. ACME Vehicle Dynamics – A practical approach 61 2 days 05.02.2018 & 06.02.2018 Mr.Desigan,
Testing Engineer ATS
Mr. C. Lakshmikanthan
21. ACME Systems Approach to Automotive HMI Development 37 2 days 08.02.2018 & 09.02.2018 Mr Vivek Devaraj Co-founder Oversquare automotive Mr. A. Srinivaas
22. ACME 3D Printing & Big Data Science 50 1 day 10.04.2018 Dr.Satishkumar Jothi Swansea University UK Dr. M. Ramu
23. ACME Advanced Engine Control Technologies 23 1 day 20.06.2018 Mr.Vikash Sharma, and Mr. Yogesh, Kalia – Founder, Medhaavi Center for Automotive Research, Punjab. Dr. S. Thirumalini
24. ACME Int. Seminar on Emission and Low NOx Technologies in Diesel Engines 48 1 day 16.10.2018 Mr.Vishnu Padmanabhan PhD, Scholar, University of West Virginia, USA Dr. S. Thirumalini
25. ACME 3D printing training for faculty / students 22 2 days 13.12.18 & 14.12.18 Dr. M. Ramu
26. ACME EDGECAM software training 21 2 days 18.02.19 & 19.02.19 Dr. K. Rameshkumar
Dr. M. Elangovan
27. ACME Pathway to Excellence for Individuals and organization 89 1 day 22.03.19 Mr.Sudhakar Shenoy,
Fr Sr. Vice President John Deere India
28. ACME Workshop on MATLAB 108 5 days 11.03.19 to 15.03.19 Dr. R. Padmanaban,
Dr. B. Santhosh,
Dr. Bipin Balaram,
Mr. K. Devarajan
29. ACME Faculty-Student interaction with Industry Experts (ELGi) 47 1 day 29.04.19 Dr. Venu Madhav,
Technical Director ELGi Equipments
Dr. B. Santhosh
30. ACME Transforming Global Health through computational Cook-stove Design 27 12 days 27.05.19 to 07.06.19 Dr. V. Ratnakishore,
Dr. SriKrishnan A. R.
31. ACME Talk on Higher education and Career opportunities 33 1 day 24.07.2019 Dr.Eric Blanco Associate Professor Grenoble University France
32. ACME Indo-French Summer School 20 12 08.07.2019 to 19.07.2019 Dr.Eric Blanco Associate Professor Grenoble University France Dr. S. Thirumalini
33. ACME EURO 6 Engines 47 1 day 08.08.2019 N.Balasubramanian, Vice President  Renault Nissan Dr. S. Srihari
34. ACME/ SAEINDIA Seminar on BAJA and SUPRA – Overview on Teams Participations & Challenges 48 1 day 07.09.2019 Mr. Sanjay Nibhande Deputy Director ARAI INDIA Mr. P. Nanthakumar,
Mr. N. Tamilarasan
35. ACME Workshop on ‘Introduction to MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers’ 18 1 day 03.12.2019 Dr. R. Padmanaban
36. ACME Guest Lecture on ‘Advanced Welding focusing on Automotive application’ 3 1 day 04.12.2019 Dr.A.Raja,
Former G M WRI BHEL, Trichy
37. ACME Metal Additive Manufacturing 79 1 day 19.12.2019 Dr. Srikanth Bontha,
Associate Professor NIT, Karnataka
Dr. M. Ramu
38. ACME INFERNO 50 1 day 21.12.2019 Dr. R. Sakthivel

‘Amritadhwani’is the annual college magazine and yearbook of Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore campus. This magazine highlights the happenings in Coimbatore campus. Literary works like poems and short stories written by the students in different languages are published in the magazine. ‘EnVision’ is a newsletter of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus. It highlights the ongoing research work at Amrita, faculty recognition, student achievements etc.

Amritadhwani: Annual College Magazine

EnVision Newsletter

SAEINDIA – Society of Automotive Engineers India

Faculty Advisory Committee

Dr. Srihari
Mr. Srinivaas A.
Mr. Nanthakumar P.
Mr. Prasad M.
Mr. Sivanesan M.
Mr. N. Tamilarasan

CAY – 2019-20

79 Student Members

Participation in Inter-Institute/Industry Events by Students of the Program of Study
Title of the Event National / International Event Category Participants Student List/ Numbers Date of the Event Organizing Institute Prizes Won (if any)
SAE Baja 2020-21 National ATV 25 February 2021 SAEINDIA Ongoing
Formula Bharat 2020-21 National Formula Student Car 24 February 2021 Formula Bharat Notable mention for Static Events (All India Rank – 11 in Overall Category)
Events Participated – 2014 – 2019
Title of the event National / International Event category Participants Student list/ Numbers Date of the event Organizing institute Prizes won (if any)
EFFICYCLE 2014 National EFFICYCLE 10 October 2014 SAEINDIA First prize in Marketing presentation and overall 4th position
ELECTRA National Electric Vehicle Design 5 28th August 2015 SAEINDIA Participation
EFFICYCLE 2015 National EFFICYCLE 10 October 2015 SAEINDIA 24th position
SUPRA National Formula Student Car 24 July 2016 SAEINDIA -AIR 3 out of 172 teams -2nd in cost & manufacturing -2nd in Design Presentation -Best appearance car award
SUPRA National Formula Student Car 24 June 2017 SAEINDIA -6th place overall -Best Girl Participant award
Formula Bharat National Formula Student Car 24 January 2018 Formula Bharat Participated
BAJA National ATV 25 January 2018 SAEINDIA Participated
ESI BAJA National ATV 25 January 2018 Enduro Student India Participated
TIFAN 2018 National Design Manufacturing and Demonstration Self Propelled Onion harvester 24 March 2018 SAEINDIA Participated
SUPRA National Formula Student Car 19 June 2018 SAEINDIA -7th place Overall -2nd prize in Business plan -3rd in Cost & Manufacturing
BOSCH Inscribe Competition 2018 National Technical Presentation 3 October 2018 BOSCH First Prize – Confirmed Internship at Pune Bosch in the Vehicle Dynamics Unit and Each one with Samsung Mobile phone worth Rs.25000.
BAJA National ATV 22 January 2019 SAEINDIA Participated
ESI BAJA National ATV 9 February 2019 Enduro Student India Participated
REEV National Hybrid Vehicle 18 February 2019 SAEINDIA 3rd Overall Runner up in Virtual Round
Formula Bharat National Formula Student Car 32 January 2020 Formula Bharat Overall Ranking – 21st
REEV National Hybrid Vehicle 18 February 2020 SAEINDIA Participated

Ms. M. Gayathri – III year (CBENU4MEE15013) received SAEINDIA – Best Girl Student Participant in Greater Noida, Delhi, May 2017.

  • Formula Student Car 2017
  • Formula Student Team 2017

  • Best Girl Student in SAEINDIA Greater Noida Event (2017) – Ms. M. Gayathri

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