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QoS enhanced scheduling framework for IoT Using LTE-A.

Authors : Aiswariya, M. K, Shilpa Ramesh

Web Service Based Sheltered Medi Helper

Authors : Sarangapani U, Loganathan P, Jeyabalan J

Publisher : Springer, Berlin

Fault Tolerance and Recovery for Grid Application Reliabilityusing Checkpointing Mechanism

Publisher : International Journal of Computer Applications

Speech Emotion Based Music Recommendation

Authors : K. R. Nambiar , S. Palaniswamy

Publisher : INCET

Multi-layer, multi-modal medical image intelligent fusion

Authors : Nair, R.R, Singh, T., asavapattana, A, Pawar, M.M.

Publisher : Multimedia Tools and Applications

XAI based model evaluation by applying domain knowledge

Authors : K. S. Srikanth, T. K. Ramesh, S. Palaniswamy , R. Srinivasan

Publisher : CONECCT

A Novel Approach for Emotion Recognition for Pose Invariant Images Using Prototypical Networks

Authors : S. Ramakrishnan, H. Ravishankar, P. Das , S. Palaniswamy

Publisher : ICECCT

Implementation of Single Camera Markerless Facial Motion Capture using Blendshapes

Authors : M. R. Somepalli, M. D. S. Charan, S. Shruthi , S. Palaniswamy

Publisher : CSITSS

Emotion recognition using one-shot learning for human-computer interactions

Authors : S. Karanchery , S. Palaniswamy

Publisher : ICCISc

Emotion recognition from facial images with simultaneous occlusion, pose and illumination variations using meta-learning

Authors : Soumya Kuruvayil, Suja Palaniswamy

Publisher : Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences

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