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Climate Risks, Farmers Perception and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability in Afghanistan

Authors : Dr. Manivasagam V. S., Samiappan Senthilnathan, Tamilarasu Arivelarasan, Meraj Sarwary, Venkatachalam Saravanakumar

Publisher : Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture

Beneficial Effects of dietary Allium sativum (garlic) Supplementation on Health and Production of Poultry: A Mini Review

Authors : Deepak Chandran, Talha Bin Emran, Khan Sharun, Saikat Mitra, Manoj Kumar, Kuldeep Dhama

Publisher : The Indian Veterinary Association

Geographical Indications as a Strategy for Market Enhancement-lessons from Rice GIs in Kerala

Authors : Radhika, A.M., Raju, R.K, Thomas, K. J.

Publisher : J World Intellect

Rice GIs of Kerala: Gap in Desired and Achieved Outcomes

Authors : A M, Radhika, Raju, Rajesh K

Publisher : CSIR-NIScPR, India

What are the Consequences of Livelihood Diversification, and what Solutions are Suggested? Findings from Tamil Nadu, India

Authors : Sathyapriya,E., M.Asokhan, M.Vengateshwari, ,R.Rajapriya, Reeba Jacob

Publisher : Asian Economic and Social Society.

Exposure to Toxic Metals: Impact on Liver and Therapeutic Strategies. In: Hepatotoxicity: Symptoms, Management and Health Implications

Authors : Ponnusamy. M., Sellamuthu. R. , Marudamuthu A. S.

Publisher : Nova Science Publishers

Drought-Resistant Rice: Physiological Framework for an Integrated Research Strategy

Authors : R. Serraj, G. Dimayuga, V. Gowda, Y. Guan, Hong He, S. Impa, D.C. Liu, R.C. Mabesa, R. Sellamuthu, R. Torres

Publisher : World Scientific Publisher, Singapore

Genome-wide Consistent Molecular Markers Associated with Phenology, Plant Production and root traits in diverse rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions under Drought in Rainfed Target Populations of Environment

Authors : Deshmukh Vivek Vasant, MankarSumeet Prabakar, Muthukumar. C, Divahar. P, Bharathi. A, Helen Baby Thomas, Ashish Rajurkar, Sellamuthu. R, Poornima. R, Senthivel. S, Chandra Babu. R.

Publisher : Current Science

Autophagy Protects against Necrotic Renal Epithelial Cell-induced Death of Renal Interstitial Fibroblasts

Authors : Murugavel Ponnusamy, Na Liu, Ting C. Zhao, Reena Sellamuthu, Haiping Mao, Shougang Zhuang

Publisher : AJP- Renal Physiology

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