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Detection of Ag+ by Synthesizing Fluorescent Copper Nanoparticles through Ultrasensitive Free Label Approach

Authors : M. Arthy, J. Brindha, Sabareeshwari Viswanathan, A. K. Gnanasekar, V. Nanammal, Raja Raju, Sami Al Obaid, Hesham S. Almoallim, A. Selva

Publisher : Hindawi

Land Demand for Food and Cooking Fuel-Wood in India

Authors : K. Thomas Felix, P. Naveen Kumar , S. Arivarasan

Publisher : Forest Research and Management Institute ICAS

Optimization of Meat and Poultry Farm Inventory Stock Using Data Analytics for Green Supply Chain Network

Authors : Rajnish Kler, Roshan Gangurde, Samariddin Elmirzaev, Md Shamim Hossain, Nhut V. T. Vo, Tien V. T. Nguyen , P. Naveen Kumar

Publisher : Wiley (Hindawi)

Physico‐chemical, structural and functional properties of protein concentrate from selected pulses: a comparative study

Authors : Sivasankari Ruckmangathan, Hemalatha Ganapathyswamy, Amutha Sundararajan, UmaMaheswariThiyagamoorthy, Rick Green, Thirukkumar Subramani

Publisher : Wiley

Effect of cottonseed milk on growth performance, hematological and semen characteristics in male Wistar albino rats

Authors : Thirukkumar Subramani, Hemalatha Ganapathyswamy, Vellaikumar Sampathrajan, David Raj C.

Effect of processing on selected pesticide residues in cottonseed (Gossypium spp.)

Authors : Thirukkumar Subramani, Hemalatha Ganapathyswamy, Vellaikumar Sampathrajan, Amutha Sundararajan, Murugan Marimuthu

Publisher : Wiley Online Library

Bio-Oil: A Green Biofuel

Authors : Nithiya, K., Subramanian, P., Praveen Kumar, D., Komalabharathi, P., Karuppasamy Vikraman, V.

Publisher : Springer

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