PhD Students and Project Fellows

Aarathi Pradeep

Arun Kumar P.

Resmi P. E.

Vidhu Sara Vargis

Abhishek Pathak

Chandhana J. P.

Aravind Harilal

Navaneeth P.

Megha S. Kumar

Aravind M.

Project Students

Chaandhini J. P.


Keerthana Sahadevan

Swathi Krishna N.

Anjali R.

Lakshmi Devi A.

Alageshwari D.

Praveen G.

Amogh K. Ravi


2008-2009 Dhanya V.
Gayathri M
B. Tech Polymer Engineering Synthesis, Characterisation and Electrocatalytic Applications of Polypyrrole/ Gold Nanoparticles Modified Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays
2009-2010 R. Narendran
V. Vignesh
B. Tech Polymer Engineering Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Conducting Polymer- Gold Composite
2010-2011 Saju Joseph M. Tech Biomedical Engineering Development of Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Sensor using Copper Oxide Nanomaterials
2010-2011 Radhika Nair T.K. M. Tech Remote Sensing & Wireless Sensor Networks Fabrication of an Amperometric Sensor and Chloride Meter or the Continuous Monitoring of Chloride in Water
2010-2011 S. Lakshmi Narayan M. Tech Biomedical Engineering Copper Nanoparticle/ Conducting Polymer based Amperometric Glucose Biosensor
2011-2012 S. Ramyakrishnan M. Tech Biomedical Engineering Synthesis, Characterization and Biosensor Application of CuO Nanostructures
2011-2012 Tresa Pious M. Sc. Biotechnology Electrochemical Immobilization of ssDNA for the Fabrication of Amperometric Disposable DNA Sensor
2011-2012 JyothiSree R. M. Sc. Biotechnology Development of Immobilization Platform for the Fabrication of Label Free Immunuosensor
2011-2012 Divya Nair M. Sc. Biotechnology Development and Characterization of ssDNA Immobilized Carbon Electrode for the Fabrication of DNA Sensors
2011-2012 Vidhu Sara Vargis M.Sc Biotechnology Immobilizationof Immunoglobulin G on Prussian Blue/ Gold nanoparticles Modified Carbon Electrode for the Fabrication of Immunosensor
2011-2012 Chandhini K. B. Tech. Chemical Enginnering and Material Science Fabrication of Tatalum Oxide Nanotube Arrays and Study of its Biosensor Applications
2011-2012 G. P. Deepak Kumar M. Tech. Biomedical Engineering Graphene-Pt-CuONanocomposite Based Non-Enzymatic Glucose sensor
2012-2013 Jeethu Raveendran M.Tech Biomedical Engineering Development of a Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Creatinine
2012-2013 Chandini U. M. Sc. Biotechnology Gold Nanoparticles Decorated Functionalized Graphene oxide for Signal Amplification in Immunosensing
2012-2013 Ashwathi A. M. M. Sc Biotechnology Platinum Nanoparticles Decorated FunctionslizedGraphene for Fabrication of Highly Sensitive Immunosensor
2012-2013 Athira V. M. Sc. Physics Synthesis, Characterization and Study on Optical Properties of Spherical and Rod Shaped Gold Nanoparticles
2012-2013 Dhivyalakshmi J. M. Sc. Biotechnology Development of a Disposable Non-Enzymatic Glucose Biosensor on Pt-NiO nanoparticles
2012-2013 Jyotsna T. M. Sc. Biotechnology Fabrication of Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor using Vertically Aligned TiO2 Nanotubes Decorated with Pt-NiO
2013-2014 Shari S. Nair M. Sc. Microbiology Colorimetric Detection of E.Coli using Gold Nanorods
2013-2014 Vishnu Pratheep M. Sc. Microbiology Biofunctionalization of Silver Nanoparticles and its Immunosensing Applications
2013-2014 Swetha T. Prasad M. Sc. Microbiology Fabrication of Electrochemical Immunosensor using Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
2013-2014 Aarathi Pradeep B. Tech. Chemical Engineering Design, Simulation and Fabrication of passive micromixers
2013-2014 Priyaharidharshini S. B. Tech. Chemical Engineering Fabrication of Silver Peroxide-Zinc Rechargeable Battery
2013-2014 Sujeesh S. M. Sc. Microbiology Characterization and Study of Potential Application of IgG Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles
2013-2014 SethuParvathy T. S. M. Tech. Biomedical Engineering Non-enzymatic Electrochemical Detection of Cholesterol and Vitamin C
2014-2015 Basil Paul K. M. Tech. Biomedical Engineering Non-enzymatic Electrochemical Sensors for Creatinine and Glucose
  Keerthy Dhara Ph. D. Chemistry Development of graphene – metal-metal oxide nanocomposite for non-enzymatic sensing of glucose and Hydrogen Peroxide
2015-2016 Dilna P M.Tech Biomedical Engineering  
2015-2016 Lalitha Priya R M.Tech Engineering in Renewable Energy Technologies Fabrication of High Power Dual Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells using Graphite and Graphene electrodes
2016-2017 Nidhin T Madhu B.Tech Chemical Engineering Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Paper-based microfluidic device
2016-2017 Vineeth Raj S M.Tech Biomedical Engineering Development of an electronic meter module for the development of Lab-on-a-Chip
2017-2018 Navaneeth P M.Sc Chemistry Fabrication of high performance supercapacitors using carbon composite materials
2017-2018 Aravind H M.Sc Chemistry Fabrication of Silver-Zinc secondary battery
2017-2018 Chandhana J P M.Sc Chemistry Synthesis, characterization and bio-functionalisation of HIgG modified carbon nanomaterials
2017-2018 Anjali Sreekumar M.Sc Chemistry Metal oxide modified pencil graphite electrodes for the nonenzymatic sensing of glucose
2017-2018 Sowmiya G P M.Sc Biotechnology Fabrication of Disposable Electrochemical Dopamine sensor
2017-2018 Drishya Mohan M.Sc Biotechnology Optical detection of Pathogenic Bacteria using CdSe Quantum Dots
2017-2018 Parvathy V M.Sc Biotechnology Selective Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria using Carbon Quantum Dots
2017-2018 Vidhya Vijayanandh M.Sc Physics Design, simulation and fabrication of microfluidic device for efficient mixing
2017-2018 Malavika Iyer M.Sc Physics Fabrication and testing of hand-held electronic device for colorimetric paper microfluidics applications
2017-2018 Aparna Balakrishnan M.Sc Physics Fabrication of disposable biosensor for the detection of cystic fibrosis