Dr. Gireesh Kumar K. P. currently serves as Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine, Kochi.


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Gireesh Kumar K. P., Clinical Medicine In 30 Hours. Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd, 2019, p. 297.


Gireesh Kumar K. P., Advanced Emergency Life Support Protocols, 1st ed. Paras Medical Books, 2015, p. 255.[Abstract]

Emergency medicine is relatively a new specialty in India. But most of the hospitals have very busy emergency rooms. The emergency protocols, like advanced cardiac and trauma life support is not a routine part of our medical education system. But these protocols are very vital in managing very sick patients when they come to emergency room. These protocols are useful for pre-hospital care also. This book “ Advanced Emergency Life Support Protocols” covers topics, like Basic life support, both in-hospital and pre-hospital care, Advanced cardiac and trauma life support, Acute coronary syndrome management , Acute stroke, and many other common emergencies in the field of emergency medicine.

Key Features of the book:
1. The book covers all the major topics in emergency medicine.
2. Easy to follow format helps the readers to understand the procedures better.
3. Includes essential aspects of basic life support, advanced cardiac and trauma life support, acute coronary syndrome management, acute stroke and many other common medical emergencies.
4. Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, of acute emergencies are discussed and treatment options provided.
5. Handy quick reference tool for doctors, nurses, and paramedics of emergency medicine.
6. Dosage of drugs and infusion protocols mentioned will be extremely helpful to work more efficiently.
7. Figures and flow charts for all the protocols will help to follow the given maneuvers better.

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