Dr. Kamatchi S. currently serves as Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.) at the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru Campus.

She completed her Ph. D. in Low Power VLSI in September 2018 under Anna University, Chennai. She worked in Akshaya College of Engineering for past 10 years and prior to that she worked in Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology for two and half years.


  • 2018: Ph.D. in Low Power VLSI
    Anna University, Chennai


Publication Type: Journal Article

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Kamatchi S., C. Vivekanandan, and B. Thilagavathi, “Detection and Correction of Multiple Upsets in Memories Using Modified Decimal Matrix Code”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol. 14, pp. 1543-1547, 2017.[Abstract]

When the data's are travelling from one system to another system the radiation in the space environment creates multiple upsets in the memories. These upsets can turn out to be a serious problem in terms of accuracy and performance of the digital system. The reliability of data transmission gets severely affected by these errors. Therefore, it is essential to detect and correct the errors and protect the memories from data corruption. Hamming code can be used to prevent the multiple upsets in memories by error detection and correction. But, the main disadvantage with that Hamming code is that it can correct only single bit error. The other error detection correction code are more complex and requires more area, power and delay, since the encoding and decoding circuits are more complex. The DMC is one type of Error detecting and correcting codes. It requires less area, power, delay and also can be used to detect and correct maximum errors. The DMC has high fault tolerant capability. In the DMC method more redundant bits was required and one combination of error could not be detected and corrected. In this paper redundant bits is reduced and the combination of Error which cannot be detected and corrected by DMC method, can be detected and corrected by Modified DMC method (MDMC) which integrates Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG). This MDMC was applied in the cache memory. The information bits are efficiently transmitted through cache memory through bloom filter and Error is detected and corrected by this Modified DMC method (MDMC)

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