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Is English Teacher a Reflective Practitioner ?

Authors : Kalluri Ram Chandra

Surveillance and Remote Sensing-A MRF Based Segmentatiom Approach to Classification Using Dempster Shafer Fusion for Multisensor Imagery

Authors : A Sarkar, N Banerjee, P Nair, A Banerjee, S Brahma, B Kartikeyan, KL Majumder

Publisher :Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Implementation of Connected Mathematics Project Curriculum in High School Algebra Courses

Authors : Dr. Yogesh Velankar

Publisher :First Annual College of Education Summer Research Conference at University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, USA.

Does the glomerulus function as a multiclass support vector machine? –Modeling the olfactory system from a machine learning perspective

Authors : Dr. Shyam Diwakar

Publisher :Joint international conference on Neuroscience organized by IAN SNCI, Hyderabad, India

Gauss Legendre quadrature over a triangle Journal of Mathematics & Information Technology

Authors : Dr. B. Venkatesh

Publisher :Acharya Nagarjuna International Journal of Mathematics & Information Technology,

Sensitivity Analysis of Pulsed Current GTA Welding Process Parameters on Weld Bead Geometry

Authors : P.K.Giridharan , N.Murugan

Publisher :National Conference on Advances in Joining Technology

Analog circuit based implementation of novel current compensation algorithm for shunt active power filters (2004) Series on Energy and

Authors : Nair, M.G.,, Bhuvaneswari, G., Manjula G Nair

Publisher :Series on Energy and Power Systems

Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Controller for six dimensional inverted pendulum system

Authors : Dr. M. R. Kaimal,, R. Rajesh

Publisher :Inter. Conf. Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics

Heat Transfer Analysis of Engine Fins using FEA”, in National Conference on

Authors : Dr. Radhika N, , .Tamizharasan, T, .Prakash, D., .Anadhakrishnan, V

Publisher :National Conference on “Modeling and Analysis of Production Systems

Thermal Analysis of Welding using FEA”, in National Conference on

Authors : Dr. Radhika N,, .Prakash, D.,, Srinivasan, P. S. S.,

Publisher :National Conference on “Recent Trends in Manufacturing, Modeling and Analysis,

CFD Analysis of Turbulence Effect on Reaction in Stirred Tank Reactors

Authors : Udaya Bhaskar Reddy Ragula, Gopalakrishnan

Publisher :Chemical Engineering Science

Architecture for a class of scalable optical cross-connects

Authors : Manoj Kumar Panda, Manoj Kumar Panda, T. Venkatesh, T. Venkatesh, V. Sridhar, V. Sridhar, Y. N. Singh, Y. N. Singh

Publisher :First International Conference on Broadband Networks

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