The Department of Aerospace Engineering (AE) started in the year of 2007, in order to meet the needs and trends of the current requirements in the Aerospace industries. Presently, the Department offers B.Tech programme in Aerospace Engineering with intake of 60 students per batch. The prescribed courses of study and syllabi cover areas like, design, structures, propulsion, aerodynamics and systems...

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The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers the following programs:

B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering


When fully assembled, the MiG-23 aircraft, will be an attraction for all interested in the Aerospace Engineering Department at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Campus at Ettimadai. With a majority of its sub-systems in place, this fighter aircraft is an excellent educational model for students to study and lay hands on a real-life aircraft and its sub-systems - a unique first hand experience...

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The research at the department aims to take up projects catering to the needs of the society. The department's research efforts are improved by collaborations with leading research universities and industries around the world. Aerodynamics Engineering plays a pivotal role in defense research and space research sectors. The laboratory facilities presently functional at the department are an Aerodynamics Laboratory, an Aerospace Structures Laboratory...

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Every year, the department conducts Faculty Development Programs an Workshops, co-ordinates Seminars and Student Paper Presentations to gift the students and faculties with opportunities to exhibit their talents and improve their skills by having a healthy competition among their peers. Amrita brings about the best in each student by providing them ample opportunities to organize and co-ordinate many regional, workshops...

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Members of teaching faculty and students at Department of Aerospace Engineering have always strived to be the better among the best. They have been laurelled with numerous awards in recognition of their disciplinary knowledge and research endeavors that have often contributed to the upliftment of society. Inspired by the humanitarian doctrines incorporated into the vision of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, most of the research and development...

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Amrita Aerospace Engineering Coimbatore

Dr. Chandrasekhar J.
The Chairperson,
Department of Aerospace Engineering,
Amrita School of Engineering
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Amritanagar, Coimbatore - 641 112

Contact Us @
 0422 - 2685570 (Chairperson)
 0422 - 2685571 (Office)


To be the best Department of Aerospace Engineering known for its teaching, research, applied engineering and service to society.


To achieve the stated vision, our mission is to ensure continuous improvement in following areas by:


  • Updating interdisciplinary curriculum, to keep pace with the advances made in the field of Aerospace Engineering.
  • By earmarking senior faculty for fundamental courses making it more interesting to the students
  • Improving the classroom environment and teaching aids.
  • Imparting value based programs to make the student appreciate societal needs.


  • Inculcating research interest in students by offering challenging and ‘state of art’ topics for final year projects and also taking up interdepartmental projects to meet societal needs.
  • Improving infrastructure to meet the requirements of research.
  • Mentoring students to publish their work.


Applied Engineering

  • Allocating sufficient lab hours for application of fundamental knowledge.
  • Open labs for conducting open ended experiments without specifying experimental setup.
  • Conversion of innovative ideas to products, with the help of innovation lab.
  • Home assignments with focus on applications.

Programme Educational Objectives

Graduates passing out of the B. Tech Programme will be able to:

  • Confidently pursue higher studies and research.
  • Work in core aerospace industries.
  • Become an entrepreneur confidently.
  • Meet societal/national requirements.
  • Perform well in any interdisciplinary field.


Aerospace Department has 12 faculty members with 8 Ph. D. holders and 4 faculty members pursuing Ph.D.,... 

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The major facilities and R&D laboratories available at the department of Aerospace Engineering are... 

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Internship & Recruiters

Aerospace department strongly encourages students going for internship at government organizations...

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Higher Studies

30% of our students have been selected to pursue their Masters/ research programs in IIT’s... 

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