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Frugal Innovation Capabilities: Conceptualization and Measurement

Authors : Dr. Avinash Shivdas, Dr. Soumya Sivakumar, Saswata Barpanda, Dr. Ram Bishu

Publisher : Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation [ABDC B]

Is imperfect evaluation a deterrent to adoption of energy audit recommendations?

Authors : Jayaraman Chillayil, M. Suresh, Dr. Viswanathan P. K., Sasi K Kottayil

Publisher : International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 2021.

Examining the relationship between e-service recovery quality and e-service recovery satisfaction moderated by perceived justice in the banking context (ABDC-B)

Authors : Sonia Mathew, Ajay Jose, Rejikumar G., Dony Peter Chacko

Publisher : Benchmarking: An International Journal, Emerald Publishing Limited,

Towards a theory of well-being in digital sports viewing behavior-A transformative service research approach

Authors : Rejikumar G., Ajay Jose, Sonia Mathew

Publisher : Jagdish Sheth School of Management

An evidence-based systematic review on farmers’ adaptation strategies in India

Authors : Bahinipati Chandra Sekhar, Kumar, Vijay, Dr. Viswanathan P. K.

Publisher : (2021)

Improving patient care at a multi-speciality hospital using Lean Six Sigma (ABDC-A)

Authors : Persis Jinil, Anjali S., Sunder M. Vijaya, Rejikumar G., Sreedharan V. Raja, Saikouk Tarik

Publisher : Taylor and Francis

The Role of Cognitive Complexity and Risk Evasiveness in Online Herd Behavior

Authors : G. Rejikumar, Aswathy Asokan Ajitha, Sofi Dinesh, Ajay Jose

Publisher : Springer US

Managing the mind in the VUCA world: Insights from Indian wisdom

Authors : Sofi Dinesh, Richa Sahay, Dr. Rejikumar G

Publisher : IIMK

Demystifying collaborative consumption: A systematic literature review (Scopus)

Authors : Sofi Dinesh, Rejikumar G

Publisher : Inderscience

Indian Retailers’ Foray into e-commerce Industry

Publisher : National Level Conference on Impact of Modern Management on Indian Economic Growth organized by SNMV IM

New Age Financial Instruments

Publisher : National Seminar on 'Accounting Standards' organised by SNMV CA

Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

Publisher : International Conference on “Transformation of Management Practices for the Digital Age” organised by SIIMS

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