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Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh,Director, AmritaWNA
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks, Adaptive Algorithms, System Architecture Development, Disaster Management Applications.
Email: maneesha@am.amrita.edu
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Dr. P. Venkat Rangan
Vice Chancellor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Multimedia, Wireless Sensor Network
Email: venkat@amrita.edu
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Dr. Nirmala Vasudevan
Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Landslides, Neutrino Phenomenology,; Supersymmetry and Grand Unification
Email: nirmalav@am.amrita.edu
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Dr. Seshaiah Ponnekanti
Adjunct Professor
Qualification: Ph. D. in Electronics Engineering
Email: spuk07@aol.com
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Dr. Ushakumari P. V.
Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Probability Theory, Stochastic Process.
Email: usha@am.amrita.edu
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Mr. K. A. Unnikrishna Menon
Qualification: PG in Physics with Electronics as special subject.
Areas of Interest: Electronic Acoustic, Sensor Design development and Evaluation, SONAR antenna design& field implementation, Sensor for under water Communication, Research and Development in Project management, Techno- Mechanical .
Email: kaumenon@amritapuri.amrita.edu
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Mr. Balaji Hariharan
Associate Professor
Qualification: M.S.
Areas of Interest:Multimedia,Video Codecs, Video Streaming,IPTV,Wireless Networks
Email: balajih@am.amrita.edu
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Mr. Sethuraman Rao
Associate Professor
Qualification:M. Tech. , Computer Science.
Email: sethuramanrao@am.amrita.edu
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Dr. Thambidurai. P.
Assistant Professor SG
Qualification:Ph.D - Department of Earth Sciences.
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Mr. Joshua Freeman
Associate Professor, Head of Robotics Laboratory
Qualification: MS Electrical Engineering.
Areas of Interest: Renewable Energy, Automobile, Robotics.
Email: joshdfreeman@amritapuri.amrita.edu
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Ms. Rekha P.
Research Associate
Qualification: M.Sc.
Areas of Interest: Wireless Sensor Networks .
Email: rekhap@am.amrita.edu
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Ms. Hemalatha T.
Research Associate
Qualification: M.Tech
Areas of Interest: Datamining, Probability, Statistics & Machinal learning, Wireless networks, Remote sensing..
Email: hemalatha@am.amrita.edu

Ms. Arya Devi
Research Associate
Qualification: M.Tech.
Areas of Interest: Wireless Communication & Networking, Smart Grid.
Email: aryadevird@am.amrita.edu 
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Mr. Ramkumar N.
Project Associate Qualification: B Tech in Electronic & Communication Engineering
Areas of Interest: Signal Processing, Robotics
Email: ramkumar@am.amrita.edu
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Mr. Rahul Krishnan P P
Project Associate
Qualification:B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Areas of Interest:Multimedia and wireless networks, Human interface technology
Email: rahulkrishnan@am.amrita.edu
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Ms. Preeja Pradeep
Research Associate
Qualification: MSc Computer Science, M.Tech WNA
Areas of Interest: Wireless Sensor Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, Body Area Networks, Machine Learning
Email: preejapradeep@am.amrita.edu
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Ms. Uma Gopalakrishnan
Research Associate
Qualification: M. Tech in Wireless Networks and Applications, MSc in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
Areas of Interest:Wireless and Distributed systems
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Mr. Dhanesh Raj
Research Associate
Qualification:MTech in Wireless Networks and Applications
Areas of Interest:
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