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Neurological disorders are increasingly recognized as major causes of death and disability worldwide. Globally, in 2016, neurological disorders were the leading cause of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) and second leading cause of deaths. Focusing on a need to understand neurological conditions, brain function and disorders, techniques, methods and devices to help patients, the Amrita Mind Brain Center will be dedicated towards exploration into the human mind and its links to the brain through multiple disciplines in science and technology.

The Amrita Mind Brain Center has its research focus on Neuroscience, Cognition, Computations and Neuroengineering while pursuing immediate societal impact. With focus on brain and mind related health and technologies, the center will orchestrate the development and application new technologies to investigate brain function, dysfunction, and therapy.

Our Vision

Investigate brain function, dysfunction, and therapy with an emphasis on cognition, computations and neural engineering.


Our Mission

To develop novel engineering solutions for neurological and psychiatric conditions and disorders by harnessing technologies and methods for exploring brain function.

Our Focus

Inspire. Explore. Discover.
The center will inspire younger minds to study and solve brain and behavior related problems while connecting scientists, engineers, physicians, and the community to tackle the challenges of brain related wellness and disorders. The center will lead research to healthcare for immediate impact.



Our research involves the development and analysis of computational models in order to study synaptic plasticity, associative memory and information processing in the cerebellum and inter-related circuits. Other work at the lab is on bio-robotics and neuromorphic hardware, neuroscience of yoga and Indian relaxation techniqies besides development of tools and pedagogical techniques for enhancing bioscience laboratory education. Computational neuroscience research seeks to comprehend how the brain learns and computes to achieve intelligent behavior in addition to interpreting neurological conditions. It is an interdisciplinary endeavor at the intersection of computer science, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, physics, engineering, mathematics, and statistics.

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The Center has members of faculty who impart education to graduate students and post doctoral scholars in courses like Computational Biology, Neurobiology, Molecular and Cell Biophysics in a holistic approach stimulating and nurturing the research interests in them. As is the case with any other course, theoretical knowledge alone cannot quench the thirst of true scholars. These subjects under the purview of researchers at the Center provides robust, live projects for the students to work on and gain rich exposure and vast experience that makes...

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The Supercomputing facility attached to the Computational Neuroscience lab at the School of Biotechnology provides state of the art computing, storage, and visualization facilities supporting projects spanning the School’s various projects and as a backbone for large scale neural computation studies at the computational neuroscience laboratory. Supercomputing facilities currently support applications from such diverse fields as computational neuroscience, virtual laboratories, bioinformatics, molecular modeling and computer-aided drug design.

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Here at the Amrita Center for Computational Neuroscience, a large number of international link ups and collaborations have been set up to ensure that students receive proper guidance and mentoring of the highest quality in their research endeavors. Faculties from almost all parts of the world interact with our students and faculties either directly or via video conferences to invirgorate their research aspirations and innovations to transform them into cutting edge technologies and ground-breaking inventions that serve the novel...

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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has a major role to play in transforming our society into a knowledge society through its unique value-added education system

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Former President of India

This is not just another academy, but a very high quality,world-class institution, focusing on technology research, dealing with very concrete issues which have immediate applications

Prof.Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Laureate

What makes Amrita students special? Western science leads to knowledge. Eastern sceince leads to understanding. Amrita has both Western and Eastern traditions in education.

Dr. Lee Hartwell
Nobel Laureate

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