Certification Details 2020

Sl. No.  Course Study Kit (Valid for 1 Year)
1.  CompTIA A+

1. E-Learning Materials (Theory)

2. Virtual Labs (Practical)

3. Instructor-Led Training

4. Exam Preparation

5. Exam Voucher for International Certification
2. CompTIA CySA+
3. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
4. CompTIA Linux+
5. CompTIA Network+
6. CompTIA Pentest+
7. CompTIA Security+
8. EC-Council CEH
9. EC-Council CHFI
10. EC-Council CND
  • Industry price of the certifications will be a minimum of 20-50% higher than our students' MRP.
  • Students can avail DISCOUNT in MRP for bundled courses.
  • If they wish, they can take the course alone with an ATTENDANCE certificate from AMRITA, they can also save 25-40% from MRP for course training without CERTIFICATION. (applicable for CompTIA only*)


Santhya R. (EC-Council)   +91 88705 40405   |   Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan (CompTIA)    +91 - 75983 29567


EC-Council, world’s largest certification body for Information Technology, is the owner and developer of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator program (CHFI), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), License Penetration Tester (LPT) certification program with various other security related courses across the globe listed in top 15 certifications in more than 60 countries. EC-Council has now started its operations in India and is looking for academic collaboration with reputed institutes across India. Benefits for the students in undergoing CEH Certification Course partnering with EC-Council are the following:

  1. Better opportunity in hands-on experience on latest toolsand techniques that provide career growth.
  2. Better relation with industry and exposure for students to the state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and practices.
  3. Knowledge upgradation for students with exposure to new teaching tools and methodologies.
  4. Provide platform for research projects with futuristic technologies.

CEH certification course consists of 20 modules within 45hours lecture duration. Two hours per day, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, after the regular class hours is scheduled. A total of 20 classes are planned for CEH course with extra try out sessions in cyber security laboratory. Amritians gets a hold in scholarship around 40% from the net course fees. Amritians can register for CEH and CHFI course, get confirmation from TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security well in advance and avail the facility. Batches will be scheduled every two months as per the availability of the resources.

Certifications offered

Certified Ethical Hacker | EC-Council

Vivekamruth Chinnasamy


Vighnesh Shankar


Vasudha Bobba


Srinidhi V.


Srikanth Reddy Duggempudi


Silpa Viswambaran


Sajana P.


Sai Abhinav Redddy Vasepalli


S. S. Manikanta Varshi Golla


R. Vishnu Thampy


Prithvija M.


Mukilan Pari


Manoj Prasad


Lekshmi R. Krishnan


Krithika Rajendran


Katkuri Sai Sukesh Reddy


Ishwarya S.


Indhumathi Devi D.


Harikrishnan V. N.


Aswini Shilpha Subash


Aswathy S. V.


Anusuya R.


Anuja J. S.


Anjana K.


Aarthy Devi A.

Harish Ram

Harish Ram

Naresh Sarnala

Naresh Sarnala

Neeli Rahul

Neeli Rahul

PST Snigdha

PST Snigdha


Contact us

Santhya R.
+91 88705 40405
Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan 
+91 - 75983 29567
ASB Contact cybersecurity@amrita.edu 
ASB Contact cys@cb.amrita.edu
Academic Block 2
E-305, Cyber Security Laboratory
Extn: 5774 / 5776

TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security is a proud associate of CompTIA’s Academy Partner Program from 2020 which provides valuable tools and resources to assist Colleges and Universities in recruiting, training, certifying and upgrading the skills of their students in IT. CompTIA’s Academy program is designed to help schools promote certification and enhance student career opportunities in cyber space.

List of Cyber Security related certifications offered at TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security is as follows (but not limited to, as we offer all other CompTIA certifications.)


(CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills you need to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career)


(CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management)



(CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) is an IT workforce certification that applies behavioral analytics to networks and devices to prevent, detect and combat cybersecurity threats through continuous security monitoring.)

About CompTIA :


Financial Benefits

  • Discounts on exam vouchers, CertMaster, and content
  • Complimentary instructor exam vouchers

Certification Testing

  • Become a PearsonVue testing center
  • Purchase academy-priced exam vouchers for students
  • Your students with valid .edu emails may purchase academy-priced exam vouchers directly
  • Track your students’ testing results using voucher identification numbers

Instructional Resources

  • Certification exam objectives
  • CompTIA-approved learning materials
  • Certification roadmap
  • Posters and visual aids
  • CompTIA-hosted webinars

Access to the IT community

  • Events and conferences
  • CompTIA Instructor Network

Current Subject Matter Experts

The following is a list of all current CompTIA Subject Matter Experts grouped by area of expertise

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Feel Free to Contact Us
(TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security)

Santhya R.
 +91 88705 40405
Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan 
 +91 - 75983 29567
Academic Block 2
E-305, Cyber Security Laboratory
Extn: 5774 / 5776

TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security has recently signed an MoU with SkillsDA - Advanced Skill Development Training Center empowering a unique platform that brings industry and skilled staff together to delight the end customers.

What SkillsDA Doing Different:

Find the best course which makes you employable.

Having the collaborative venture with Cyberange ®, we are proud to announce the introduction of Cyber Security modules which will focus on Cyber Attack Simulations Network.

Smart City Simulation is our newest addition to our growing list of simulations on CASN (Cyber Attack Simulations Network ). Smart power grids, telecom,  autonomous metro rail services are part of our new additions to smarty city simulations. Sign up to practice on a whole new level of challenges and learn new technologies of how attackers are targeting the infrastructures.

Student’s Benefit:

  • Internships & Projects:
    Get an opportunity to work with the industry leaders and land projects related to your field of expertise.
  • Financial Aid Available
    For those who are cannot afford the price of the course, we provide financial aids to make the course available to all.
  • Jobs Relevant to Course
    With the NSD Certification get a 100% chance to land a job in the relevant field of the course.

List of Cyber Security Courses :


Accreditation & Certification

National Security Database

National Security Database (NSD) is a prestigious certification program awarded to credible & trustworthy information Security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Information Infrastructure & Economy of the country.

NSD security clearance levels help in the classification of a professional based on his technical and psychometric credit rating  to qualify access to sensitive information (or access to sensitive federal government sites and/or assets). Profile charts and in-depth expert narrative reports of the candidate are maintained for decision-making and feedback. These describe an individual’s typical interpersonal behavior, thinking style, and ways of coping with stress.

AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set up in November 1945 as a national-level apex advisory body to conduct a survey on the facilities available for technical education and to promote development in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner.

The purview of AICTE (the Council) covers programs of technical education including training and research in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, Management, Pharmacy, Applied Arts and Crafts, Hotel Management and Catering Technology, etc. at different levels.

SkillsDA® in association with ISAC has been mandated by AICTE to create capacity building of 100,000 (1 Lakh) Cyber Security Professionals.

National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC)

National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) is an organization of the Government of India created under Sec 70A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (amended 2008), and is designated as the National Nodal Agency in respect of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.

ISAC is a Public-Private-Partner (PPP) with NCIIPC for advancing its mission.

SkillsDA® in association with ISAC is engaged in creating a cybersecurity center of excellence across India.

DSCI - Data Security Council of India

Ingu’s Knowledge Academy is now a member of Data Security Council of India.

Feel Free to Contact Us
(TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security)

Santhya R.
 +91 88705 40405
Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan
 +91 - 75983 29567
Academic Block 2
E-305, Cyber Security Laboratory
Extn : 5774 / 5776

ABC (Amrita Blockchain Certification)

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology, which is seen as a disruptive Technology of the last decade, has impacted all majors domains including Cyber Security. Amrita TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security has been one of the institions in India in leading Blockchain Technology - R&D activities from the year 2017. TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security Organised a National Level 3-day Workshop on Blockchain Technology in 2018.

The Syllabus Covers

  • Basics of Distributed Network
  • Basics of Cyber Security & Cryptography
  • What is Blockchain Technology & DLT?
  • Evolution of the Technology
  • Generations and Types of Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin Blockchain (with Hands-On using Bitcoin Testnet)
  • CryptoWallets (Hands-On with Multiple Wallets)
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Solidity Programming (with Hands-On using Remix-IDE)
  • Web3.js
  • Standards in Blockchain (BIP, EIP, ERC, ISO)
  • Oracles (Hands-On using Provable)
  • Tokenization (ERC-721)
  • DApps (Hands-On by Integrating of Solidity Code + Web3.js)
  • Introduction Hyperledger Projects
  • Other Distributed Systems - Interplanetary File System (IPFS) (Hands-On)
  • Capstone Project