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Journal Article


Procedia Computer Science, Volume 133, p.651-659 (2018)



analysis, Multi terrain, robot feasibility study


One of the challenges facing while navigating a mobile robot over different terrains is the inability of the robot to adapt to different terrains. Most of the existing designs of the robots are designed for navigating on a specific terrain, so it is only applicable to a dedicated application. A single multi-purpose robot is cost-effective than multiple dedicated robots. To address the above mentioned problems an innovative design is proposed termed as Multi-terrain Multi-utility robot (MTMUR). This is a hybrid locomotion amphibious robot capable of moving over different terrains. It is a unique lightweight design similar to bi-copter and capable of moving on the ground and water using specially designed wheels with the help of float. This paper describes the design and analysis of air-land-water vehicle with a wall maneuvering capability. Its applications include search and rescue, mapping, surveillance and military purposes.

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A. R. S and Meher Madhu Dharmana, “Multi-terrain Multi-utility robot”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 133, pp. 651-659, 2018.