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Modified variational mode decomposition for power line interference removal in ECG signals

Authors : Dr. Neethu Mohan, Dr. Soman K. P., Dr. Sachin Kumar S., Poornachandran P.

Publisher :International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Modified gammatone frequency cepstral coefficients to improve spoofing detection

Authors : Dr. Santhosh Kumar C., Dr. S. Veni, K. A. Das; K. K. George.;A. Panda.

Publisher :2016 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI).

Modified Fuzzy Rough Quick Reduct Algorithm for Feature Selection in Cancer Microarray Data

Authors : Dr. Arun Kumar C., Ramakrishnan, S

Publisher :Asian Journal of Information Technology

Modified circular patch antenna based crossover for beamforming applications

Authors : Dr. Sreedevi K. Menon, V. Jayakrishnan

Publisher :2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT)

Modelling the Undulation Patterns of Flying Snakes

Authors : Dr. Balajee Ramakrishnananda, Rajesh Senthil Kumar T., Viswesh Sujjur Balaramraja, S. Eashwra Sankrityayan, Suraj Coimbatore Sivagurunathan

Publisher :International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-2016)

Modelling marsh cone flow time of Super Plasticized Portland Pozzolana Cement paste using RLS with the application of RKS

Authors : Dr. Dhanya Sathyan, Chinnu Jose.

Publisher :Proceedings of International conference on Emerging and Sustainable Technologies for infra structure systems

Modelling and simulation of single and multi-pass flow forming to investigate the influence of process parameters on part accuracy

Authors : Dr. Ajith Ramesh, M. Haridas; G. Gopal; R.K. Katta

Publisher :International Journal of Manufacturing Research.

Modeling the Performance of IoT Networks

Authors : Dr. Sriram Sankaran

Publisher :IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (ANTS), IEEE, Bangalore, India .

Modeling of Consumption Data for Forecasting in Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Systems

Authors : Dr. Binoy B. Nair, J. A. Balaji, and Ram, D. S. Harish

Publisher :Springer International Publishing

Modeling of Biochemical Pathways in Parkinson’s Disease

Authors : Dr. Bipin Kumar G. Nair, Dr. Shyam Diwakar, Sasidharakurup H .

Publisher :XXXIV Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN), National Brain Research Center, Manesar, India.

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