M.Tech, B-Tech

Priya B. K. currently serves as Assistant Professor(Sr.Gr.) at department of Electronics and Communication,Amrita School of Engineering, Banglore campus. 


Publication Type: Conference Paper

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Sumedh N, O. V. L. Narayana, Madhav Reddy, Nalini S., Ms. Priya B. K., and Dr. T. K. Ramesh, “Modular Assembly Systems in Industry 4.0 Milieu”, in 2nd IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems (ICPEICES) 2018, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, 2018.


V. Pagadala, Rani, S., and Ms. Priya B. K., “Design & Implementation of the Prevention and Analysis of the Accident for Automobiles”, in 7th IEEE International conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), PES Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, South campus, India, 2018.


M. Peter Jose Morris, Dhonde, M. Kunj, and Ms. Priya B. K., “Implementation of Doppler beam Sharpening Technique for Synthetic Aperture Radars”, in Third International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science & Technology (ICERECT 2018), PES College of Engineering, Mandya , 2018.

Publication Type: Journal Article

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Ms. Priya B. K., Lavanya, M. T., Reddy, M. V. Samyukt, and Pravallika, M. Yarlagadda, “Bin That Think’s”, The International Journal Of Science & Technoledge (IJST), vol. III, no. VI, 2015.[Abstract]

Through the history, the significant amount of solid waste generated by humans was due to low population density and low levels of the exploitation of natural resources. But in today’s scenario due to increase in population there is increase in garbage. Proper disposal of garbage is necessary to make environment clean, but improper disposal of garbage leads to various issues like health problems, hazards, pollution and thus affects the environment. Pollution contains contaminants that cause instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem. Because of pollution the growing countries and most populated cities are severely affected. Our environment is spoiling due to lack of ignorance and cleanliness. The importance of adequate waste removal and management facilities to improve the health and wellbeing of the city's population is highly effective. The main aim of this paper is to solve the environmental problem due to improper disposal of garbage and to make environment green, to maintain better health and hygiene of the people.

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