This M. Tech. programme aims at preparing the students to take up application, research and development activities in core and some emerging areas in Computer Science, with focus on AI and AI related applications in a distributed computing environment. The programme includes advanced level courses in Computer Architecture, Networking, Algorithms, Data Bases, Distributed Computing and Computational Intelligence. This programme will provide a strong basis in Computer Science for those who opt for a serious career in industry.

The purpose of the programme is to generate human resources capable of supporting R & D activities in critical areas like automated, secured, monitoring and surveillance systems, medical diagnostics, intelligent monitoring systems etc. The diversity of platforms available for implementation and the huge volume of data available for analysis, knowledge mining activities associated with biological systems, medical field, data related to climate changes etc. attract employment opportunities.


First Semester Second Semester
Modern Computer Architecture Parallel and Distributed Systems
Advanced Algorithms and Analysis Machine Learning
Systems Security Enterprise Architecture
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Elective–II
Elective-I Elective–III
Cultural Education Negotiated Studies
  Technical  Writing
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Elective –IV Dissertation 
Elective –V  


Elective-I (General Electives) (Mathematical Foundations) Elective-II
Computational Intelligence Advanced Linear Algebra
Topics in Databases Randomized Algorithms
Object Oriented Design Computational Optimization
Computational Statistics Random Process and Optimization theory
Advanced Computer Networks Networks and Spectral Graph Theory
Compiler Design  
Wireless Networks  
Foundations for Signal and Image Processing  

Elective III, IV and V ( Stream based electives)

Stream-I  Machine Learning and Data Science Stream –II   Architecture and  Systems​ Stream –III Networks and Intelligent Systems
Machine Learning for Big Data Hardware Software Co-Design Mobile Networks
Foundations of Data Science Parallel Computer Architecture Principles of  Software Designed Networks
Applications of Machine Learning Reconfigurable Computing Wireless Sensor Networks
Statistical Learning Theory Advanced Operating Systems Network Security
Natural Language Processing Critical Systems and Verification Pervasive Computing
Information Retrieval Compiler Optimization Techniques and Design Agent Based Intelligent Systems
Data Mining and Business Intelligence Computer Systems’ Performance Analysis  
Semantic Web Parallel Programming  
  High Performance Computing  
Stream –IV  Computer Vision 1-Credit ELECTIVES - OPTIONAL
Digital Image Processing Scripting Languages
Video Analytics Computer Crimes, Security and Cyber Laws
Medical Image Analysis Debugging Tools
Content Based Image and Video Retrieval Open Course
Pattern Recognition  
Data Compression  


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