Faculty in Charge: Dr. S. Thirumalini

    Tech Staff: Mr.Kannapiran

    Ext. No. 5534

    The Thermal Engineering Laboratory is equipped with test setups for different types of heat engines, air compressors, blowers, and an advanced technology steam boiler, turbine and condenser. Facilities are available for testing fuel and lubricants and also analysis of exhaust gases. Other test facilities cover refrigeration and air conditioning, low-speed wind tunnel etc. The laboratory also houses an online test facilities for IC engines with eddy current dynamometer along with the required instrumentation for in cylinder pressure measurement.


      Faculty in Charge: Dr. S. Thirumalini
      Tech Staff: Mr.Kannapiran
      Ext. No. 5534

      A Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory has been established with necessary testing equipments to study Conduction, Convection, Radiation and mixed modes of heat transfer in fins and heat exchangers, drop wise and film wise condensation. Steam generator apparatus and single effect evaporator apparatus are also available in the laboratory.


        Faculty in Charge: Mr.S. Ravikumar

        Tech Staff: Mr.Velmurugan

        Ext. No. 5539

        The Instrumentation Laboratory exposes the students to sophisticated instruments, which form part of the modern quality-conscious industry. The Laboratory trains the students in precision measurements and calibration. The Laboratory is equipped with pressure and vacuum gauges, thermocouples, stroboscopes, load cell, proving ring, strain gauges, LVDTs etc. It has latest data acquisition cards from NI for temperature, force, vibration measurements visusal system for visual inspection.It also equipped with Lego Mindstorm Kit for studying various sensors and robot programming. Labview software is used to acquire signals from various DAQ’s and processing. The laboratory has a flow control valve to control the flow rate to a pneumatic cylinder and it is controlled by Labview software.



          Faculty in Charge: Mr.S. Saravana Murugan

          Tech Staff: Mr.M. Velmurugan

          Ext. No. 5539

          Machine Dynamics Laboratory is well equipped with dynamic balancing machine for balancing automobile wheels and centrifugal pump impeller etc., FFT analyzer for vibration analysis, composite filament winding machine for fabrication of composite shafts and pipes. It also has experimental setups for cam profile measurement, gyroscope effect, whirling of shaft, natural and forces vibration etc.

            • FOUNDRY SHOP

            Faculty in Charge: Mr.D. Senthil kumar

            Tech Staff: Mr.M Sundara raj

            Ext. No. 5531

            Foundry lab is equipped with sand testing apparatus and electric furnace. The foundry shop has multiple sets of patterns, different types of core boxes and allied tools to give hands on experience to students individually. The lab is effectively used for various activities includes teaching, training, research and project work.

              • WELDING SHOP

              Faculty in Charge: Mr.P. Raghuram

              Tech Staff: Mr.R. Senthil kumar

              Ext. No. 5540

              The welding shop has both arc welding and gas welding, which are very commonly used in industries.

                • CARPENTRY SHOP

                Faculty in Charge: Mr.N Tamilarasan

                Tech Staff: Mr.C. Rajan

                Ext. No. 5537

                The carpentry shops are meant for skill development programme. It develops the skill level of the student by going through a set of exercises with wood. They are also equipped to provide individual workbench to students.


                  Faculty in Charge: Mr.A.S. Prakash

                  Tech Staff: Mr.I. Rajamanickam

                  Ext. No. 5531

                  Sheet metal shops help to develop the skill of the students in fabrication methods by going through a set of exercises on different types of metal and alloys. The labs are well equipped with latest technologies

                    • PRODUCT LAB

                    Faculty in Charge: Mr.S. Ilangovan

                    Tech Staff: Mr.D. Vijayakumar

                    Ext. No. 5537

                    Students are come to know the assembly and disassembly procedures of products. They can identify the various common materials used in engineering products and also its functioning. They are getting practice in free hand sketching and use of instruments for measuring dimensions. Further they are familiar with various tools and fasteners and its specifications.