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Dr. Supriya P.

Associate Professor

Dr. Supriya P. currently serves as Associate Professor at the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Qualification: Ph.D
Research Interest: Power System Harmonics


Dr. Supriya P. joined Amrita School of Engineering in the year 1996. She did her B. E. from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore and M. S. in Electronics & Control from Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. She did her Ph. D. on Application of Blind Signal Processing Techniques to Power System Network from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. She has ten years of teaching experience in postgraduate programs and eighteen years in undergraduate programs.

Dr. Supriya was the co – investigator for internally funded project in 2006 for Remote Load Control using Wireless Network. She is also a coordinator of the DST – VINNOVA Smart Grid project with KTH, Sweden. She has published five international journal papers. Her research interest includes Embedded System Based Control Design for Smart Grid, Power System Harmonics and Signal Processing Applications to Smart Grid.

She has guided several undergraduate and postgraduate projects in inter disciplines like VLSI, Embedded Systems and Signal Processing applied to Power System Networks, Biomedical, Automobiles and Allied areas.



Conference Paper

Amplitude computation of harmonic voltages based on Adaptive Comb filter in a smart grid system

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., B. Emayavaramban, Thiyagaraj, R., Vivek, B., and Kishan, Y. S.

Publisher : 2013 IEEE Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, ICT 2013

Independent component approach for the analysis of ECG signals

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., U. Nimitha

Publisher : Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Process Automation, Control and Computing, PACC 2011

Estimation of harmonic voltages using independent component analysis

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : IET Conference Publications

Harmonic current estimation using blind signal processing techniques

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Padmanabhannambiar, T. N.

Publisher : 2011 - International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Computing and Networking Technologies, ICSCCN-2011

Implementation of robotic path planning using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., P. Joshy

Publisher : Proceedings of the International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies, ICICT 2016

Fault distance identification in transmission line using STFT algorithm

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., R. Subhashree, and Preethi, C. S

Publisher : 2016 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics, ICCCI 2016

Conference Proceedings

Harmonic current estimation using mutual information based independent component analysis

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., R. K. Chamarthi, Sriramachandiran, S., Balaji Hariharan, and Sivaramakrishnan, H

Publisher : 2012 IEEE 5th Power India Conference, PICONF 2012

Journal Article

Blind signal separation based harmonic voltage/current estimation in an interconnected power system- a comparative study

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Blind signal separation of harmonic voltages in non-linear loads

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : Journal of Electrical Systems

Review of harmonic source identification techniques

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : International Review of Electrical Engineering

Noise based Independent Component Analysis model for harmonic current estimation

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : Advanced Materials Research

Development of fuzzy logic based ignition control using microcontroller

Authors : Dr. Supriya P., R. Shanmughasundaram, and Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha

Publisher : International Journal of Control Theory and Applications

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