Industry and Academic Experience: 7 years

Dr. Deepak S. Kumar has worked in the industry for more than six years in IT and infrastructure management. As an academician, he was associated with School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin and as an adjunct at School of Management Studies, NIT Calicut. He is also an invited faculty of NIT,C - Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and undertakes skill development programs for EDPs, FDPs. He has also conducted FDPs on Partial Least Squares at NIT Calicut.

His research interest areas include Servicescape, Aesthetics and Green Marketing, and have published in reputed journals like The Marketing Review, IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review. At ASB Coimbatore, he teaches Marketing Management, Services Management, Product Policy, Brand Management and Strategic Brand Management


2014 Fellow in Management (equivalent to Ph D) – Marketing Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
2006 National Eligibility Test (Eligibility for Lectureship) University Grants Commission, India (UGC)
2006 Junior Research Fellow (JRF ‐ Management) University Grants Commission, India
2004 Master of Business Administration (MBA), Dept. of Commerce & Management Studies University of Calicut, India
2000 Bachelor of Technology (B‐Tech) ‐ Architectural Engineering National Institute of Technology, Calicut

Professional Appointments

Year Affiliation
Dec 2014 - Present Assistant Professor (SG) in Marketing at Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Jun 2012 -  Dec 2014 Visiting faculty at the School Of Management Studies (SOMS) – National Institute of Technology Calicut
Jan 2014 – April 2014 Visiting faculty at Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Since Oct. 2010 Invited faculty for Skill development Program, MHRD funded Entrenepreniurship development and Faculty Development Programs of Technology Business Incubator (TBI), National Institute of Technology Calicut
since March 2010 Management advisor and director board member to RAND Architectural & Infrastructural consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Apr 2006 ‐ June 2007 Project Manager – Kerala , ICICI bank, Cochin, India
June 2005 – Mar 2006 Event Manager, PSP‐ Modernising Government Program, Kerala India
Aug 2004 – May 2005 Lecturer in Management, School of Communication & Management (SCMS), Cochin
July 2000 ‐ Aug 2001 Software Engineer, Ekomate Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

Areas of Interest

Teaching : Marketing Management, Marketing & Business Research, Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Product Policy & Brand Management, Aesthetics in Marketing

Research : Marketing aesthetics, Sustainability, Servicescapes, Green marketing, Social media marketing

Working Papers

  • Deepak S. Kumar; Keyoor Purani & Sunil Sahadev (forthcoming) “Through the Eyes of the Beholder: A Holistic Model for Subjective Appraisal of Visual Servicescape Aesthetics”, communicated to Journal of Marketing Management.
  • Deepak S. Kumar & Keyoor Purani (IIMK Working Paper) “Exploring the Restorative Potentials of Green Servicescapes ”, targeted journal – Journal of Services Marketing.
  • Deepak S. Kumar & Shyam A.V (Working Paper) “Influence of Waiting Area Designs on the Perceived Mood Restoration Potentials in Hospitals”, targeted journal – International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.
  • Deepak et al. (forthcoming) Smart City Branding Calicut of City In T.M. Vinod Kumar (Ed). Smart Economy in Smart Cities‐ a Collaborative Research. Springer


Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Year of Conference Publication Type Title
2015 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar and Purani, K., “Visual Aesthetics of Green Servicescapes ‐ An Experiential Learning Exercise”, International Conference on Reinventing Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics. National Institute of Technology Calicut, 2015.
2014 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar and Purani, K., “Driving 'Blues' away with 'Green' : The Restorative Potentials of Green Servicescapes”, 2nd Pan‐IIM World Management Conference. IIM Kozhikode, 2014.
2013 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar, “Objective design concepts for appraising servicescape aesthetics”, International Conference on "Innovative Practices for Business Excellence. Jan Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Cochin, 2013.
2012 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar, Purani, K., and Sahadev, S., “Appraising Visual Servicescape Aesthetics : An Environmental Psychology Approach”, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference. University of Southampton, United Kingdom, 2012.
2011 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar and Purani, K., “Servicescape Aesthetics and Consumer Responses”, 10th International Marketing Trends Conference. 2011.
2010 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar, ““Servicescape Aesthetics : Exploring the Role of Design”, IMR Doctoral Students Conference. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, 2010.
1999 Conference Proceedings D. S. Kumar, “Cyclone Resistant Structures”, 15th National Convention of Architectural Engineers. calicut, 1999.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Year of Conference Publication Type Title
2014 Journal Article K. Purani, Sahadev, S., and Kumar, D. S., “Globalization and Academic Research: The Case of Sustainability Marketing”, IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review, vol. 3, pp. 93–99, 2014.[Abstract]

The impact of globalization on academic research is undeniable. This impact is more pertinent and strongly felt in the academic field of marketing. The pattern of this impact can be easily discerned from the trends in academic publishing in marketing such as more globalized representation of university affiliation of authors or the type of topics that dominate academic publishing in the field of marketing. In this article, through systematic analysis, one such trend is observed. The subjects covered by articles published in the 10 important marketing journals are analyzed in order to measure the extent to which these journals cover sustainability and related issues. Minimal representation of sustainability-based issues in the academic papers published in the most important marketing journals is argued to be closer to the idea of ‘Academic Capitalism’ in light of globalization. Considering the argument that sustainability and related issues often pose difficult questions to the mainstream schools of thought in the field of marketing, the minimal coverage given to sustainability-based issues should be perceived as reflecting the general lack of interest in conducting research in sustainability. The article discusses implications as well as pathways for future research. More »»
2013 Journal Article D. S. Kumar, Purani, K., and Sahadev, S., “Conceptualising visual servicescape aesthetics: An application of environmental psychology”, The Marketing Review, vol. 13, pp. 347–376, 2013.[Abstract]

Often a consumer's perception of various visual stimuli in a servicescape is subjective and holistic in nature, which can be best captured through subjective dimensions rather than objective dimensions such as colour, form, etc., of individual objects that form a servicescape. Based on a comprehensive review of aesthetics studies in marketing, servicescapes and environmental psychology, this paper identifies a critical gap in marketing literature - that of the understanding of visual servicescape aesthetics from a consumer's point of view. This paper explores the role of aesthetics in services marketing and proposes a set of subjective dimensions for appraising visual aesthetics of servicescapes, based on guiding theories from environmental psychology. Research to date looking at visual aesthetics in servicescapes is limited to objective aspects of visual stimuli; this paper identifies seven subjective indicators which emerged from an extensive review of literature in environmental psychology, and proposes their relationships to affect, cognition, preference and behavioural outcomes. The findings of this paper may help managers in evaluating visual designs of servicescape alternatives and choosing servicescapes to have a desired aesthetic response from consumers, leading to better preference. More »»
2013 Journal Article D. S. Kumar and Nair, H. B., “The New Marketing Mix Elements of e‐ Marketing”, APH Publishing India, 2013.
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