The following patents have been granted to the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham:

Indian Patent 303963
Process of Preparation of Tetracycline Loaded O-Carboxymethyl Chitosan Nanoparticles granted on 4 December 2018

US Patent 10143700B2
Nanoparticle Formulations for Delivering Multiple Therapeutic Agents granted on 4 December 2018

Indian Patent 303128
The Art, Manner, Method and Process of Preparation of Fibrinogen Nanoparticles by a Simple Two-Step Co-acervation Method for Drug Delivery Applications granted on 15 November 2018

US Patent US10094051B1
Electrospinning apparatus and method for producing multi-dimensional structures and core-sheath yarns granted on 9 October 2018

US Patent 10,055,607
Security Layer and Methods for Protecting Tenant Data in a Cloud mediated Computing Network granted on August 21, 2018

US Patent 10,057,382
Intelligent “IoT Gateway” granted on August 21, 2018

US Patent 10,045,227
Mobile Infrastructure for Coastal Region Offshore Communications and Networks granted on August 7, 2018

US Patent 9994975B2
Electrospinning Apparatus and Method for Producing Multi-Dimensional Structures and Core-Sheath Yarns granted on June 12, 2018

US Patent 9,996,168
Wearable Wireless Tongue Controlled Devices granted on June 12, 2018

Indian Patent 296417
A Metal Doped Protein–Sorafenib Nanomedicine Formulation for Cancer Treatment granted on May 02, 2018

US Patent 9,852,647
System and Method for Synthesizing, Preserving Consistent Relative Neighborhood positions in Multiperspective Multipoint Tele-Immersive Environment (3D) granted on December 26, 2017

US Patent 9,826,196
System and Method for Synthesizing, Preserving Consistent Relative Neighborhood positions in Multiperspective Multipoint Tele-Immersive Environment (2D)

US Patent 9,805,251
Systems and Methods for Yaw Estimation granted on October 31, 2017

US Patent 9,707,186 B2
Core-shell particle formulation for delivering multiple therapeutic agents granted on July 18, 2017

US Patent 9,710,664
Security Layer and Methods for Protecting Tenant Data in a Cloud Mediated Computing Network granted on July 18, 2017

US Patent 9,606,080
Non-enzymatic Glucose Sensor granted on March 28, 2017

Indian Patent 281908
Dual Microcontroller based Liquid Infusion System granted on March 28, 2017

European Patent EP 2440247 B1
Targeted nano-photomedicines for photodynamic therapy of cancer granted on March 8, 2017


Welcome to the Patents and Technology Licensing Office (PTO) webpage. The PTO is located at the Amritapuri, Cochin, and Coimbatore campuses and is responsible for patenting, licensing and commercialization of all discoveries and inventions of Amrita. The PTO supports the faculty, staff, and students in making their inventions available for the greater public good.

All faculty, staff, students and employees of Amrita who make inventions or discoveries shall disclose the invention to the PTO using the Institutions’s Invention Disclosure Form available from the PTO ( The PTO will work with the Inventors to review the concept and file the patent as appropriate.

Inventions that are new, novel, non-obvious and potentially beneficial to society are patentable. Please ensure you contact the PTO well before any publication or public disclosure to protect the invention. A patent is a legal document that provides the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing the patented invention for the term of the patent which is usually twenty years from the filing date. Patents are assigned to the Institution and contain the name(s) of the inventor(s). An inventor/co-inventor is an individual who has conceived or contributed an essential element of the invention, either independently or jointly with others, during the evolution of the technology concept or reduction to practice.

Reduction to practice, according to patent law, involves actual and complete use of the invention for its intended purpose. Typically, reduction to practice involves the physical construction of the invention and testing the physical embodiment to determine if it performs as intended. This is not necessary for initial disclosure of the invention.

If you are unsure whether your invention or discovery is patentable or if you have any other queries, please contact the PTO for further information:

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Patent Policy


In process of Issuance:

  • US Patent Application No. US 15/314,491 Differential cerebrospinal fluid reactivity to pfdn5-alpha for detection of b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia filed on 28 November 2016
  • US Application 15/090,317 System and Method for Transmission and Reception of Radio Waves in a Focal Plane Antenna Array filed on April 4, 2016
  • EP3148226 (Europe) IoT Gateway Capable of Handling Heterogenous Protocols filed on August 25, 2016