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Talk on Salesmanship and Entrepreneurship by Kessinger Publishing CEO at ASB, Coimbatore

August 17, 2016 - 1:52
Talk on Salesmanship and Entrepreneurship by Kessinger Publishing CEO at ASB, Coimbatore

Salesmanship is an art. It is a must for any management graduate to acquire the skill before venturing into the industry. Mr. Roger A. Kessinger, Chief Executive Officer, Kessinger Publishing, LLC delivered a two-hour session on the topic at the Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore. He chronicled the metamorphosis of a salesperson from an amateur to an expert. He elucidated the characteristics of a successful salesperson, the behavioral patterns involved in interacting with the clients, and developing relationships.

Mr. Kessinger reminded MBA graduates to focus on the likes and dislikes of the clients they meet. He said, “People love to hear about them. Always begin by speaking about something that interests them. Ask about them and they would open up to you. Match their lines of taste and you could sell anything to them.”

“It is important to understand what makes one person able to sell and another not,” Kessinger continued. In order to increase the sales efficiency, there is a need to constructively analyze the mysteries of psychology and personality. He asked the students to focus on developing relationships and gaining the buyer’s confidence, thereby winning a permanent customer.

In the discussion, students raised several queries on the topic. In response to a question about the relationship between ’empathy’ and ‘sales’, Kessinger asked the students to become “sales withpeople good empathy”. Empathy will enable the salesman to skillfully adapt in a conversation, helping him move towards the target.

He also educated students on sensitive areas of the salesmanship such as contradicting the opinion of a client. “99% of people do not take criticism. Figure out a way to be nice even if you want to criticize,” he said. The discussion soon shifted to “entrepreneurship” and Kessinger guided students on choosing the right business idea, analyzing an idea, pitching for investment and approaching a market.

​Prior to the interaction with the students, Kessinger also had a meeting with the faculty of the campus.

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