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B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering is a four year professional undergraduate program offered by Amrita School of Engineering. Aerospace engineering deals with the design, construction, and study of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft. The prescribed courses of study and syllabi cover areas like, design, structures, propulsion, aerodynamics and systems. The laboratories and workshops, detailed in the curriculum, have been framed to take up the challenges in Industry and focus themselves on research and development. The student has access to the latest versions of many analysis and design packages.

Tie-ups with the pioneering institutions like National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO) etc., have served as eye-openers on the complexities of real life problems, both for the students and faculty members.


Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Communicative English Vector Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations Humanities Elective I Humanities Elective II
Calculus and Matrix Algebra Chemistry/Physics Amrita Values Program I Amrita Values Program II
Computational Thinking and Problem Solving Computer Programming Transforms & Partial Differential Equations Calculus of  Variations & Numerical Methods
Physics / Chemistry Engineering Mechanics Mechanics of Fluids Aerodynamics - I
Physics/Chemistry Lab Introduction to Aerospace Technology Mechanics of Materials Compressible Fluid Flow
Workshop A/Workshop B Chemistry Lab. / Physics Lab Materials for Aviation and Space Aerospace Structures - 1
Engg.Drawing- CAD  Workshop B / Workshop A Introduction to Thermodynamics Introduction to Control Theory
Cultural Education I Computer Programming Lab. Measurement and Instrumentation Lab Fluid Mechanics Lab
  Cultural Education II Physics II Materials Testing Lab 
      Soft Skills I
Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Linear Algebra Finite Element Methods for Aerospace Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerospace Elective V
Aerodynamics II Flight Mechanics Aerodynamics Design Elective VI
Aerospace Propulsion Elective II Flight Dynamics & Control Project Phase II
Aerospace Structures II Science Elective Elective III  
Avionics Enviormental Studies Elective IV  
Elective I Propulsion Lab UAV lab   
Aero-structures Lab Low-speed Aerodynamics Lab Live-in –Lab  
Avionics Lab  Innovations Lab Project Phase 1  
Soft Skills II Soft Skills III    
Live-in –Lab      
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