Research is an integral component of dental education. Considering this, much emphasis is given for research right from the undergraduate level.

The School has initiated a number of substantive developments to support the research endeavor and to demonstrate our commitment to support research in the faculty.

The programs offered are focused on a wide range of areas including Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology & Microbiology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Public Health Dentistry.

Quality, innovative and value based research is much encouraged and the school has started taking heights in research achievements.

It is what distinguishes us from similar schools and what equip our students for leading - edge positions on the rapidly changing healthcare frontier.

Research Projects

a) Improving the Dental Implant Tissue Bonding by Nano Texture - A Cost Effective Approach -  Dr. Anil Mathew

To study the development of dental implants that show faster and enhanced osseointegration, less technique sensitive and which can be used in compromised conditions like diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, etc.

b) Clinical Application of Tissue Engineering for Bone Augmentation and Endosseous Dental Implants - Dr. Manju V.

This research is mainly focused on clinical use of tissue engineered bone substitute for augmentation of resorbed alveolar ridges and surgically reconstructed maxillectomy and mandibulectomy defects.

Contemplating Projects
1. Estimation of Titanium residue around Hydrothermally Nano Textured Titanium Dental Implant-an ex-vivo study in Pig Mandible, Dr. Anil Mathew, Dr. Rahul Ravindran
2. Evaluation of Correlation between Skin colour and Tooth colour in Dentulous patients, Dr. Anil Mathew, Dr. Neena George
3. Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Life and Denture Efficiency in patients of Amrita school of dentistry and Amithasmitham which is a Tribal outreach programme, Dr. Anil Mathew, Dr. Albin Geo Joseph
4. An Assessment of Distribution of Edentulous Spaces in Patients of Partial Edentulism Reporting for Treatment in the Department of Prosthodontics, Dr. Tony Thomas, Dr. R. Sreeraj
Ongoing Projects 
1. Comparative Study of Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Beyond the Confines of Existing Socket Walls Using different forms of Plasma Rich Fibrin Matrix, Dr. Haripriya E. C., Department of Prosthodontics
2. Adhesion of Actinobacillus Actinomycetumcomitance on different surface modifications of Titanium-an invitro study, Dr. Rahul Ravindran, Department of Prosthodontics
3. Comparison of Functional outcomes in Surgically and Prosthetically Rehabilitated Maxillectomy patients, Dr. R. Sreeraj, Department of Prosthodontics
4. Estimation of Prosthetic status and Prosthetic needs in the elderly in the municipal wards of Aluva ,Cochin, Kerala, Dr. Albin Geo Joseph, Department of Prosthodontics
5. Effect of Chemical Disinfectants and Accelerated aging on Maxillofacial Silicones, Dr. Anna Serene Babu, Department of Prosthodontics
6. Comparison of Radiation dose distribution with and without Tissue equivalent Prosthetic material in external auditory canal, Dr. Tharangini Madhusudhanan, Department of Prosthodontics
7. Improving the dental implant tissue bonding by Nano texture- A cost effective approach, Dr. Anil Mathew, Concept proposal accepted by ICMR
8. Clinical Application of Tissue Engineering for Bone Augmentation and Endosseous dental implants, Dr. Manju V.
Projects Completed   
1. Comparative Evaluation of the efficacy of Occlusal splints fabricated in different mandibular positions for treatment in Temporomandibular Disorder Patients, Dr. Ipe Sabu, Department of Prosthodontics
2. Estimation of Cytokine level in gingival crevicular fluid using three different Gingival Retraction systems in patients requiring fixed partial denture, Dr. Liji Mathew, Department of Prosthodontics
3. Relationship of choice of tooth color with the skin color of edentulous patients, Dr. Neena George, Department of Prosthodontics
4. Alveolar Bone Defect and Secondary Bone Grafting Outcome in Cleft Lip/Palate Patients, Dr. Alice Kurian, Dr. Ravi, Department of Periodontics
5. Analyzing the outcome of Mandibular Ameloblastoma reconstructed with fibula free flap, Dr. Reesma, Department of Periodontics, Collaboration with Head & Neck Department AIMS
6. Comparison of TIMP-1 levels in periodontally involved and healthy controls and its response to non-surgical periodontal therapy, Dr. Maya, Dr. Angel, Department of Periodontics, Collaboration with Dept of Biochemistry – CMC Vellore
7. Relationship between life - event stress and Periodontal disease and its response to treatment, Dr. Saimegha, Dr. Jayachandran, Department of Periodontics
8. Comparison of efficacy of Hand Instruments, Ultrasonic Instruments and lasers on root surface debridement – An in-vitro study, Dr. Neha, Dr. Jayachandran, Department of Periodontics, Collaboration with Sree Chithra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences & technology, TVM and Cochin university of Science and Technology
9. Comparison of the Efficacy of Iontophoresis with APF Gel and Desensitizing Tooth paste in the management of Dentinal Hyper sensitivity, Dr. Keerthy, Dr. Jayachandran, Department of Periodontics, Collaboration with Dept of Oral Medicine and Radiology



Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2011 Journal Article Rakesh S., Mahija Janardhanan, Vinod Kumar R. B., Sherry Peter, A Rare Case of Dentigerous Cyst in a One-Year-Old Child The Earliest Case of Known and Reported Occurrence, Head and Neck Pathology, 2011
2011 Journal Article Mahija Janaradhanan, Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor Report of a Rare Case, Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2011.
2011 Journal Article Anjana B., Balagopal Varma, Management of a Dentigerous Cyst : A Two-Year Review, International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, May-August 2011.
2011 Journal Article Rakesh S., Mahija Janardhanan et al, Intra Oral Presentation of Multiple Malignant Peripheral Nerve sheath Tumours Associated with Neurofibromatosis-1, Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Jan-April 2011.
2011 Journal Article Priya R. et al, Evaluation Using Extracted Human Teeth of Ricetral as a Storage Medium for Avulsions An in Vitro Study, International Journal of Dental Traumatology, Vol. 27 (3), pp. 217-220, 2011.
2011 Journal Article Latha P. Rao, Shukla M., Sharma V., Pandey M., Mandibular Conservation in Oral Cancer, Surgical Oncology, 2011.




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Text book of Dental Radiology
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Textbook of Oral Medicine
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