Research is an integral component of pharmacy education. Considering this, much emphasis is given for research right from the undergraduate level.

Research programs are focused on a wide range of areas including drug discovery, novel drug delivery systems, toxicology/ pharmacology, analytical method development, preclinical and herbal research,research on therapeutics, optimization of dosage regimen in healthcare delivery, pharmacokinetic evaluation, etc.

Quality, innovative and value based research is much encouraged and the school has started taking heights in research achievements.

It is what distinguishes us from similar schools and what equip our students for leading - edge positions on the rapidly changing healthcare frontier.

Rsearch Activities (Ongoing Research Projects)

  1. Brain targeting of an antiepileptic drug via intranasal nano structured lipid carriers

    It is a project funded by DST-Nanomission . The duration of the project is 3 years . Dr. Sabitha M, Principal , Amrita School of Pharmacy is the Principal investigator and Dr. R. Jayakumar , Professor, Centre for Nanosciences. Epilepsy is a brain disorder characterized by an enduring predisposition to generate epileptic seizures and by neurobiologic, cognitive, psychological and social consequences of this condition. The first line drug phenytoin sodium by intranasal route using nanodrug delivery approaches seems to be promising for controlling acute epileptic seizure. Phenytoin sodium loaded NLCs developed by melt emulsification -ultrasonication method using cholesterol as solid lipid, oleic acid as liquid lipid and poloxamer 188 as the polymer will be evaluated for is efficacy in brain delivery via. Intranasal route.

  2. Effects of large cardamon extracts on experimental models of hypertension and endothelium function.

    The Department of Pharmacology has a project funded by The Spices Board of India. Dr. P. Uma Devi is the principal investigator while Mr. Jipnomon Joseph and Mr. S K Kanthlal are the co-investigators. The project aims to study the effects of spices on different experimental models of hypertension and to elucidate the probable mechanisms for the observed effects.

    Hypertension is a chronic medical condition associated with vascular endothelial dysfunction. Impaired endothelial function has been observed in metabolic syndrome like obesity and diabetes. Hyperglycemia induces mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production in response to insulin resistance and cause endothelial dysfunction by disrupting nitric oxide production. Spices have been used traditionally for various ailments. Dietary supplementation with spices has been reported to produce beneficial effects in patients with cardiovascular diseases.



Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry (Theory & Practical)
S. Sathianarayanan

Publishing Year: 2010
Birla Publications, ISBN: 81-89747-87-8
The book is concerned with Science and application of modern and traditional techniques for the analysis of Pharmaceutical products.

Marunnarivukal - A book on Medicine - 
Ms. Leena Thomas

Publishing Year: 2012
Mathrubhumi Publishers
The book is a collection of essays on medicine and the science of the preparation of drugs.

Text Book of Pharmacy Practice
Dr. K. G. Revikumar, B. D. Miglani

Publishing Year: 2010
Career Publications (Pune)
This book provide Readers a resourceful insight about the profession of pharmacy practice in India

Textbook on Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. K. G. Revikumar, B. D. Miglani

Publishing Year: 2008
Mathrubhumi Publishers
A reference book in pharmacy practice for B.Pharm, M.Pharm and PharmD students.


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2014 Conference Paper Ms. Akhila Sivadas, Final Year, Pharm. D. (P B), presented a poster Development and Implementation of Amrita Pediatric Dosage Calculation Software (Best Poster), in the one - day National Scientific Seminar on Medicines - Drug Discovery to Dosage Form, Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, April 03, 2014.
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