The research office of Amrita School of Engineering is an exclusive division started to create a positive research environment with information regarding call for proposals, guidelines to formulate research proposals and research publications. The office is committed to providing dedicated support for faculty members of Amrita School of Engineering.

Research projects aim to benefit humanity in some way, and the research is usually undertaken in collaboration with industry, academia and government. The projects enjoy support from international and national partners including the European Commission, DST, TIFAC, ISRO, DRDO, Ministry of Information Technology. Research activity at Amrita is part and parcel of all departments at the three Schools of Engineering. In addition, dedicated R&D centers have also been established in order to promote research activities in specific areas.



Based in the Coimbatore campus, the office of Head - Research and Projects is envisioned as a platform to encourage and enhance research among the faculty of Amrita School of Engineering. The faculty pool, drawn from institutions of long-standing repute from India and around the world, represents our biggest asset - knowledge. Each of them has served in professional capacities at national and international levels. Apart from this, we augment our knowledge through a distinguished roster of visiting faculty who share their knowledge and help craft and organize research programs. We also benefit from their suggestions towards proposals our and and protocols.They also play a key role in helping sources of support towards essential projects. The department also invites speakers and hosts conferences to augment the knowledge on offer in our premises. It gives me great pride to introduce you to our research endeavors which offers insights to our research potentials and areas of expertise...

Dr. Shantanu Bhowmik
Head - Research Program



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Dr. Shantanu Bhowmik
Research Program
Amrita School of Engineering