The research at ECE has wide spectrum of domains like machine intelligence, hardware security, signal processing, wireless communications, biomedical instrumentation, computing and hardware architecture and Electromagnetic materials. The main focus is to promote quality publications, striving for funded projects and filing patents.

The Major Objectives are:

  • To improve the research standards on par with International Institutions
  • More indigenous development of strategic systems
  • Socially relevant projects and participation
  • Prototype systems attract funding opportunities
  • International recognition of faculty members and researchers
  • the man power generation in the specialized areas leading for creation of center of excellence
  • Exposure to the recent developments in industries and research organizations.
  • The application of engineering concepts on the socially relevant problems.



To pursue world class research and make socio-economic impact by

  • Providing rural and ubiquitous healthcare
  • Designing energy efficient systems
  • Developing low-cost and indigenous designs
  • Ensuring secured systems and communication
  • Last-mile connectivity

Research Plans

Major Research Objectives

  • Promote research activities in VLSI Design, RF Technology, Wireless Communication, and Signal Processing and Biomedical instrumentation to focus on IoT and 5G applications.
  • Select research domains pertaining to IoT and 5G to provide opportunities for “Make in India”, “Digital India”, “Skill India” and Start-up India” concepts.
  • Setting up specialized laboratories for High speed digital systems and RF Design and measurement facility.
  • Initiate collaborations with International Universities for sharing the resources, exchange programs and funded projects.
  • Encourage research activities that support live-in lab concepts to cater to the rural development through technology.

Sl.No Name of the Investigators Title of the project and duration Funding Agency
1 Dr. C. Santhosh Kumar, Dr. A. Anand Kumar Human Condition Monitoring System using PPG and ECG
2014 -2018
2 Dr. G. A. Shanmugha Sundaram, Dr. K. P. Soman, Dr. T. Rajagopalan, Dr. D. S. Harish Ram, Dr. Binoy B Nair, Mr. R. Gandhiraj Design and Evaluation of DRFM Mitigation System
2016 – 2019
National Instruments (NI) USA Academic Research Grant
3 Dr. Karthi B, Dr. Sandipan Pati (Dept of Neurology, University of Alabama), Dr. Nithin Nagaraj (National insitute of Advanced Studies, IISc campus) Translational signal analysis evaluating brain-heart connection using complexity methods
Pati Labs, University of Alabama, USA
4 Dr. Binoy B Nair A Low-cost hand and arm rehabilitation systems
DST SEED/TIDE/095/2016
5 Dr. B. Yamuna, Dr Karthi B, Dr Ramesh B, Mr Pargunarajan Reliability based soft decision decoding of Turbo codes for satellite communication
2016 – 2019
6 Dr.S.Kirthiga, Dr.M.Jayakumar, Dr.M.Nirmala Devi, Mr.R.Gandhiraj Capacity,bit error rate and performance revaluations of MIMO based communication Systems on minimized multipath environment
2017- 2019
7 Dr. C. Santhosh Kumar Improving healthcare support for rural communities in India’
2017 – 2018
UK Research Council
8 Dr.S.Natarajamani, Dr.M.Jayakumar, Dr.M.Nirmala Devi, Dr. C. Shunmuga Velayutham Automated structural evolution and performance optimization of RF bandpass filters - An evolutionary Algorithmic Design Approach.
2018 - 2020
Sl.No Name of the Investigators Title of the project and duration Funding Agency
1 Dr. Nirmala Devi M., Dr. M. Jayakumar, Mr N. Mohan Kumar, Dr. Sethumadhavan Hardware Trojan Detection & Consistency based Diagnosis
2 Dr. K. I. Ramachandran, Dr. C. Santhosh Kumar Machine Fault Identification : A Unified Approach
2014 – 2017
3 Dr.C.Santhosh Kumar, Dr. K. I. Ramachandran Robust Features for Speaker Verification
2012 – 2015
4 Dr. D. S. Harish Ram, Dr.T.Gireesh Kumar Malware detection using FPGA, Sandboxing and Machine Learning
2015 – 2017
5 Dr.C.Santhosh Kumar, Dr. K. I. Ramachandran Development of Text/Language Independent Speaker Recognition System
2011 – 2013
6 Dr.C.Santhosh Kumar, Dr. K. I. Ramachandran Scalable fault model for the prognosis and diagnosis of generators in aircraft electrical system:
2011- 2013
NPMASS, ADA, Bangalore

Research Areas & Proposed Domain Outcomes

VLSI Design, Architecture and Security

  • VLSI design and testing
  • Computing architectures
  • Hardware security

RF Engineering and Electronic Materials

  • Computational RF system design
  • Device modelling and characterization
  • Smart materials and sensors

Biomedical Systems and Information Engineering

  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Information theory for complex systems
  • Biomedical signal and image Processing

5G millimeter wave technologies

  • Massive MIMO
  • Visible light communication and photonics
  • Communication Technology and Networks

Inter-disciplinary Cyber Physical Systems

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Decision, control and security
  • Agrionics – Electronics in Agriculture

Current Research Collaborations

International National
National University of Singapore – Adjunct faculty – Funded project IIT Kharagpur – Shared publication and research in Hardware security
RWTH-Aachen, Germany - Online course delivery Biomedical research IIT Madras – Sharing expertise and facilities in biomedical research
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia - Joint PhD supervision NIAS (IISc Campus) – Sharing research project and publications
University of Missouri, USA – Adjunct faculty for research IIT Guwahati – Joint publication and research in machine learning in machine learning
University of Alabama, USA - Sharing research projects and publications  
Steven’s Institute of Technology, USA - MoU with ECE /Amrita  
Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK – Shared funded project  
University of Agder, Norway – Shared funded project