If we knew what it was that we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

-- Albert Einstein

This famous quote not-withstanding, research is a significant activity, in the School of Engineering at the Amritapuri campus. The emphasis is on research to benefit humanity, in keeping with Chancellor Amma's vision and guidance.

Several engineering research centers are functional on campus. The Wireless Network and Applications Center is known for its successful completion of a research project funded by the European Commission. As part of the project, a wireless network was deployed to predict land-slides in a landslide prone area. Visit Center Website »


The Government of India has expressed interest in deploying the system in various parts of the country that are prone to landslides and avalanches. The Center is also investigating the use of this system to industrial sites prone to gas leakages and areas with regular forest fires. The Center is led by Dr. Maneesha Ramesh, who obtained her Ph.D. from Amrita.

Amrita Research Labs (ARL), one of Amrita’s first research centers, is known for its pioneering research work in the areas of Cybersecurity, Wireless Telematics and VPN. ARL supports several Ph. D. scholars who are working on their doctoral theses in these areas. These scholars have published papers, both nationally and internationally.

Several other funded projects are currently ongoing at this campus. MHRD has made available extensive funding for the development of virtual labs and haptics-based vocational training programs. Individual faculty members have received funding from the Government of India through schemes such as the Rapid Grant for Young Investigator Award.